Apple wants to discourage the use of old versions of macOS

Atualização de Software para o macOS Catalina

New versions of macOS are released by Apple for free. In addition to usually implementing new features that can catch the attention of users, these versions almost always have many improvements and bug fixes (some involving security).

Still, many people simply prefer not to migrate to a new operating system when it is released, either because they depend on an application that is not yet compatible with the new OS, or to wait a while and see if everything is stable, because they like it. some feature that doesn’t work anymore, among many other scenarios.

Well, if you are one of those people, your life will be a little longer boring from now on.

Software Update for macOS Catalina

When a user does not migrate to a new system (for example, who is still running macOS Mojave), Apple is persistently promoting the new operating system [imagem acima] for the person to install the latest version.

Until then, it was possible to hide this by typing the command softwareupdate –ignore «macOS Catalina» in Terminal. Now, with the arrival of macOS Catalina 10.15.5 and security updates 2020-003 made available for macOS Mojave and High Sierra, this command no longer works.

When trying to hide this “notification” from Apple, Terminal responds as follows:

Ignoring software updates is deprecated.The ability to ignore individual updates will be removed in a future release of macOS.


Ignore software updates is deprecated. The ability to ignore individual updates will be removed in a future version of macOS.

Such “newness” is documented in this Apple support article, in which the company makes it clear that this command in Terminal no longer works. ??‍♂️

Of course, if you’re already running macOS Catalina, for now you have nothing to worry about, after all it is Apple’s latest operating system. However, when macOS 10.16 (or 11, you will know) is released, if you are running macOS 10.15.5 you will see the notification to make the update insistently on the System Preferences »Software Update – and the famous badge the System Preferences icon indicating that something needs to be done there.

For you, the average user, little will change; for those who need to stay for a long time (for the reasons explained above) in an earlier version of the operating system, then the story is different …

via MacRumors