Apple wants Nokia sales blocked in the U.S.

Apple wants Nokia sales blocked in the U.S.

The dispute between Nokia and Apple over registered patents has increased in tone and, last week, Steve Jobs’ company ended up submitting to the United States regulatory body an order where it wants to see sales of the company’s mobile phones blocked.

Finnish company in that country.

The news was advanced by Bloomberg and refers to a complaint filed on the 15th by the International Trade Commission, a federal agency that regulates issues related to commercial practices in the United States.

The dispute started in October last year when Nokia filed a complaint against Apple for alleged infringement of 10 registered patents, a technology that was being used on the iPhone.

The company that leads the sales of mobile phones, but which has been losing market in smartphones, guaranteed to have already submitted to Apple several proposals for it to license the technology, but without result.

Back in December, Apple attacked with a complaint against Nokia, accusing the Finnish company of infringing 13 patents.

Nokia did not take long to retaliate, with a new lawsuit filed with the International Trade Commission, the same entity that Apple now turns to.

Apple’s new complaint seeks to block all imports of Nokia mobile phones into the country, alleging unfair trade practices due to infringement of registered patents.

Nokia has already reacted and, in statements to Blommberg, the company’s spokesman assured that the complaint will be studied, but that it maintains the fact that Apple has not licensed technology from the company it has been using on the iPhone since 2007.