Apple vs. Samsung

Apple vs. Samsung: judge orders and companies will return to court – or not! [atualizado: data marcada]

Apple vs. Samsung

The legal fight between Apple and Samsung it has been going on for over six years. Because of this long imbroglio, you have probably forgotten the details of this dispute. But in a very brief way, the following: the first verdict came out in mid-2012 and, at the time, Samsung was sentenced to pay more than $ 1 billion to Apple. Gradually, this value fell due to the various reviews and appeals of both companies, reaching a total of US $ 399 million.

The American Supreme Court judges, however, decided in late 2016 that there was not enough information to say whether the damage should be calculated based on the construction of the device as a whole or on individual components. As such, the case went back to the US Court of Appeals, which was supposed to reconsider / recalculate the sentence.

Now, as informed by the CNET, the judge Lucy Koh signed an order stating that companies must meet again in court (the date for this needs to be decided by Wednesday, 10/25), to determine how much Samsung owes Apple for infringing its patents.

Florian Mueller, from FOSS Patents, believes that there is a good chance that this will all be definitively resolved before this new hearing, in an agreement between companies outside the courts.

On the Apple side, there are more than 100 designers from companies such as American Airlines, Calvin Klein, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Google, IBM, NASA, Nike and much more all have entered as ?Friends of the court? (amicus curiae), in support of Ma.

Samsung’s situation, however, has improved a lot in the last episodes of the dispute, even more if we take into account that, according to the 9to5Mac, the US Supreme Court overturned a 130-year precedent, when a ruling on a carpet design dispute ruled that when one company infringes another’s design, it must pay fines on top of the profit generated by copy-based products.

Six years later, it seems that we are finally close to an end to this dispute! To be?

Update by Rafael Fischmann 10/26/2017 s 11:47

Said and done: a retrial of the case was scheduled for May 14, 2018.

By then, both parties will be able to gather new evidence since a lot has changed in these years as well as they can also reach an agreement outside the courts and end this novel, which would be the best of all worlds, for good.

Judge Lucy Koh herself stated: ?I prefer not to continue doing this until I retire. I want there to be a conclusion for all of us. ?

via CNET