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Apple vs. Qualcomm: Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and other executives will testify

Part of the clash between Apple and Qualcomm happened recently, as we have covered (with different results). But a new stage begins in April in the San Diego (California, United States) courts, where companies will face off in one of the many existing battles.

And the thing has escalated to galactic levels. That's because no less than Tim cook and Steven mollenkopf (CEOs of both companies) witness.

In fact, as reported by Bloomberg, dozens of executives and engineers such as Bob Mansfield (former Apple Head of Hardware currently working on the Titan Project), Jeff Williams (Apple COO), Phil Schiller (Apple Marketing Head), Bruce Sewell (former Director Apple), Cristiano Amon (president of Qualcomm) and Irwin Jacobs (co-founder of Qualcomm) should be called upon to testify as well as executives from Asian manufacturers, including Foxconn, and other smartphone makers, such as Samsung.

Speaking specifically of Cook, the executive should testify among other topics about Apple's business strategy, its financial performance and its agreements with other companies.

The trial is scheduled for April 15 and may decide to clash with the companies that have been dragging on for two years. Quite briefly, Apple questioned Qualcomm's licensing practices, accusing it of winning over the sale of modems and licensing that would go far beyond what the industry calls ?reasonable and non-discriminatory terms?; Qualcomm, on the other hand, defends its position and still wants to receive the money owed (which Apple has stopped paying because of the dispute) since the case was initiated.