Apple vs. FBI: company engineers threaten to resign if forced to create “GovtOS”

In one of the last articles on the case Apple vs.

FBI, we inform you that the tone of the conversation between the company and the government has changed a lot due to the much more offensive attitude of the FBI.

Ma even responded to the last government petition (this one is more aggressive) in a telephone conference held with journalists, but now she tried to make her considerations in justice the last one before the hearing scheduled for March 22.

Apple's defense

In it, Apple claims that Congress itself has already made its position clear by failing to pass laws related to breaking / weakening cryptography something the Department of Justice (Department of Justice, or DoJ) of the United States insists on ignoring.

The company also said that the government's interpretation of All Writs Act comprehensive and that DoJ / FBI want the power to make private companies do anything they want.

For Ma, this scenario would leave the founders of the USA “shocked” because of the poor interpretation of the law.

Responding to the accusation that it is positioning itself this way through pure marketing, Apple said that since the launch of iOS 8 (version of the operating system that gained these important layers of security) 1,793 advertisements have been made and in none of them does Apple promote its products as having the ability to block possible attacks from intelligence agencies or security departments (something quite obvious, but Ma still made a point of highlighting).

Already another accusation that Apple would turn a blind eye to the Chinese government, providing data and helping out when asked (so that, who knows, may not have problems with its expansion in the country), the company replied that this is simply not true. despite data centers in China, all data is properly encrypted and the key to that is in the USA.

According to the company's latest report (for the first half of 2015), the Chinese government requested data from 4,398 devices; Apple provided information (with due warrants) for 74% of them.

The American government requested data for 9,717; Apple served 81% of them.

Contrary to deceptive government statistics, which had to do with legal processes and not with compelling software that undermines the safety of its users, Apple never created a backdoor of any kind for iOS or made technically more accessible data stored on iPhones or iCloud to the government of any country.

Tim Cook interview for TIME

Because of the imbrglio, Cook won the cover of the magazine TEAM.

Tim Cook on the cover of TIME

The full transcript of the interview is on the magazine's website, but if you have been following the case with us since the beginning, know that the Apple CEO simply spoke what he has been talking about for a long time, such as the fight uncomfortable but necessary (since he believes he is defending civil freedom); that he is not liking the tactic chosen by the government to confront Apple; that Apple's entire effort in relation to cryptography and protecting user data does not leave the government in the dark when it comes to the investigation (after all, we are living in the age of vigilance); that the company is always thinking about improving the security of its systems / services; that he did not expect this type of government request / case happening in his own country; Among other things.

Apple engineers against the FBI

Anyone who thinks that only Tim Cook, Craig Federighi, Eddy Cue and other top Apple executives bought the fight with the FBI is wrong.

According to The New York Times (who spoke with Apple employees involved in the development of mobile and security products, as well as former security engineers and executives), Apple engineers are already discussing what to do if the company loses the dispute and is forced to develop it. “GovtOS” (operational system without some security features).

While some say they will simply refuse to do the job, others are even thinking of quitting showing that they do not agree at all with the FBI onslaught.

As the guys know that they are good and that there will be plenty of job opportunities at other companies in Silicon Valley, everything is even simpler for them, of course; It is very complicated for the FBI, since something like this could further delay GovtOS 'development plan.

(via The Verge, BuzzFeed News, 9to5Mac, MacRumors)

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