Apple VP says company wants to transform health

Recently, Apple's vice president of health, Dr. Sumbul Desai, talked to MobiHealthNews about some of the most prominent features of Apple Watch Series 4, such as electrocardiogram (ECG) and Fall Detection. In addition, she discussed Ma's relationship with Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has released the use of these functions in the United States.

When questioned about the ECG, Desai said it was in her medical nature to worry about how it would affect the health community. While customers are increasingly using the feature, doctors are still trying to figure out how to handle the data recorded by Apple Watch.

With the popularity of the feature, she also said that the number of feedbacks The positive results have been “really amazing”, especially from users who have found they suffer from atrial fibrillation through the ECG app. As we commented, these messages from Ma customers have helped shape and highlight the importance of health features in Apple Watch.

Desai also stressed the importance of the Sade app, which is increasingly helping doctors find accurate information about medical conditions, medication use and other data obtained from Apple Watch.

As a doctor, I see patients in the ER and often the questions we ask are, "What kind of medicine are you taking?" Now, have an area where I can see all of this is very useful. We are just at the beginning of this journey, but there is still so much potential and we are very excited about what we can do.

Dr. Sumbul Desai during Apple Store eventDr. Sumbul Desai during Apple Store event

With respect to the FDA, Desai explained that Ma does not receive any special treatment of the organ, and that to get the release of the ECG on Apple Watch, the American institution asked really tough questions about the implication of the appeal in society.

The doctor, who joined Apple in 2017, echoed the words of Ma's CEO, Tim Cook, and said that Apple is very interested in the health area and that it will continue to do a great job in this direction for years to come. She also agreed with him that Apple's biggest impact on human health is that the company is still just beginning this transformation.

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