Apple vendor announces it will start manufacturing components for augmented reality devices … but for whom?

Ă“culos de realidade virtual da Apple

It is not just today that we see speculation about a possible Apple device dedicated especially to augmented reality (AR) – in fact, ever since Apple declared its love for technology and decided to make it a great gimmick for its devices, rumors about an “Apple Glass” or something like that are bubbling up on the internet. Now, the announcement of a Cupertino partner adds more fuel to this fire.

According to the Nikkei, the Taiwanese CEO Catcher Technology (who appeared here recently, cited as one of the companies that will possibly manufacture the metal structures of the next iPhones), Allen Horng, announced to investors and analysts at a financial results conference that the company will start manufacturing external parts for an augmented reality device , without specifying which partner they would be working on for the project.

Based on what we’ve learned, they [dispositivos AR] they need to be beautiful and light enough to use … this makes the housings of these devices particularly difficult to manufacture, and so we still have many challenges to overcome at the moment.

The description of a “light and beautiful” product, naturally, raises the suspicion that Catcher’s partner in the mission is precisely Apple. Although nothing is confirmed, other rumors also reinforce this possibility, such as that likely partnership between Apple and Carl Zeiss for the development of such a device.

Whatever the answer to all this is, the truth is that we will still have to wait a little while before we can put the (possible) «Glass Glass» on our faces. Do you think it’s a good idea?

via MacRumors