Magnetic charging base for Apple Watch

Apple updates Watch charging base, but no one knows why [atualizado]

Remember the base with magnetic charger for Apple Watch? Maybe not, because we’re talking about a piece of plastic that costs R $ 700 and it serves to do something that the watch charger, included in the box, already does – only with the Watch upright (or lying down, if you pull its center down).

Maybe I have a dose of ill will towards the accessory, but the fact is that today it has been mysteriously updated by Apple. And when I say “mysteriously”, it’s true: the model number of the base has been updated (now it’s MU9F2AM / A; before, MLDW2AM / A), but nobody knows exactly what has changed inside. Design and technical specifications remain completely unchanged.

Magnetic charging base for Apple Watch

In the Brazilian online store of Maçã, it is still the old version of the base that is for sale – perhaps due to the fact that the new model has not passed through the hands of Anatel, until now. In the USA, however, that old identifier has now completely disappeared from the system; over there, the updated dock costs the same $ 80 as before, so we can expect that the $ 700 charged here will also remain unchanged when we receive the new version.

Ridiculous mysteries and prices aside, it’s good to see that Apple still remembers the concept of charging bases. Could the change have anything to do with a possible arrival of the AirPower for soon? We’ll have to wait and see.

via MacRumors

Update, for Eduardo Marques Jan 16, 2019 at 14:05

Less than a month after the approval of the new base, Apple started selling it here in Brazil too (without changing the value, that is, it continues to cost the same R $ 700). What changed about it, however, remains to be seen.