New stamps from the MFi program

Apple updates MFi program guidelines and now allows accessories with USB-C input and Lightning-3.5mm cables

Just yesterday, Apple updated its program labels MFi, aimed at third-party accessories for iPhones, iPads and iPods with quality certified by Apple – and, with the change, put into question the future of the company’s media players. However, that was not the only news related to the program that Cupertino reserved us for these days.

Today, Apple updated the MFi guidelines to include specifications for accessories with USB-C ports and Lightning-3.5mm cables; in this way, effectively expanding the (already quite large) catalog of third-party products for the company’s mobile devices.

New stamps from the MFi program

Among the accessories that may receive USB-C ports, Apple lists external batteries and speakers; the products may come without any cables in the box, if this is the manufacturer’s preference for cost cutting, as the standard is spreading rapidly and most users already have cables of this type to charge and synchronize other devices. It is worth noting, however, that the Apple does not allow – unlike Lightning inputs – that the USB-C ports of the accessories are used for cross-charging (that is, charging the accessory and the iTreco at the same time) or syncing iPhones / iPads / iPods.

Lightning-3.5mm cables will allow users to connect their mobile devices to receivers, such as a headset with removable cables or a speaker with auxiliary input, without the need for an adapter like the one Apple includes in the box iPhones – just connect one end to your device’s Lightning input and the other directly to the sound player.

We still don’t have real products with the new specifications, but they shouldn’t be out soon. New options are always good news, aren’t they?

via 9to5Mac