Apple updates its list of classic / obsolete products, adding items like the iPhone 4

Very soon, a new wave of Apple products will definitely leave life to enter history. The Japanese website Macotakara reports that some older items from Ma's catalog will soon enter the infamous list of classic / obsolete products, effectively ending their support among them, hits of its time like the iPhone 4 and the MacBook Air 13 ā€³ from the end of 2010.

iPhone 4 with iOS 7

If you are not familiar with the nomenclature, Apple calls it "classics" (vintage) models whose production ended between five and seven years ago, and ā€œobsoleteā€ (obsolete) those that have not been manufactured for seven years or more. In practice, for us, there are no differences between the two categories: in both, Ma no longer fully supports the products and no longer offers replacement parts for them, the distinction between classic and obsolete if only in some American states, as California, and in countries such as Turkey, which have laws that require product support for seven years after the end of production.

Among the products that will enter the list of oblivion at the end of the month, are all the remaining models of iPhones 4 (the CDMA version joined the group last month), the MacBook Air inches from the end of 2010, the AirPort Extreme third generation and the Time Capsule mid-2009. In September, they had already descended into the valley of oblvios Mac mini mid-2010 and the MacBooks Pro 15 and 17 inches of the same period.

The complete list of classic and obsolete products can be checked on the Apple website without any future additions, of course. May they rest in peace.

(via 9to5Mac)