Apple updates its Human Interface Guidelines for building apps for iPhone X, Apple TV 4K and Watch Series 3

Apple's new operating systems were unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 in June this year. Soon after the announcement, developers were able to get their hands on the new systems to adapt their applications to them.

After three months working in this direction, yesterday Apple released, along with its new products, several rules that will apply specifically to its new devices; that is, developers will need to worry about that more.

iPhone X

IPhone X has a Super Retina HD screen that covers the entire device for more immersive app experiences, and Face ID is a secure new way to unlock, authenticate, and pay. The TrueDepth camera works with ARKit and the A11 Bionic chip is designed to work well with Core ML and Metal 2.

The upper cut that displeased a lot of people and the new way to gesture-invoke the home screen and multitasking on iPhone X means that some extra care needs to be taken when developing apps for the device.

“Clipping was a good idea” Fanboys from Apple, 2017

I present you the first test

The new Human Interface Guidelines page (Human Interface Guidelines) on iPhone X explains exactly how to tailor app content to fill your 5.8 ″ (24361125 pixel) screen.

The width remains the same as for 4.7 ″ (375-point) handsets, but attention should be paid to how high the screen is (145 points higher), especially so that there is no close interaction, for example from the indicator that calls the home screen. , from the top bar and also from the corners of the screen.

This means that if the developer continues to follow the previous pattern, some areas will continue to be unused or clipping may end up hiding the app interface.

In the indications, the developer is required to “ensure that layouts fill the screen and are not obscured by the rounded corners of the device, the sensor portion, or the indicator to access the home screen”. That is, you developer need to keep in mind the small clipping when modifying your app as Owen Williams joked:

New iPhone Format: 16: 9: Cropping

Despite this, Ma says that not only are all the apps that need to be modified for the new reality, but if you do, UIKit and Xcode 9 will make it easier.

In addition to the official page explaining all the details, two videos talking about design care and also the creation of iPhone X apps were published on the developer help page.

Apple Watch Series 3

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press kit

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With cellular connectivity, your apps can be used anywhere, anytime, even when users aren't connected to an iPhone or (a network) Wi-Fi. Health and fitness apps can also take advantage of the barometric altimeter to display altitude changes and get improved accuracy for HealthKit training metrics.

The company updated its watchOS developer page, jointly publishing a video explaining specifically about changes and best practices when creating / modifying its Apple Watch Series 3 app, which now has mobile connectivity and improved health features.

Apple TV 4K

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press kit

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Now your tvOS applications can deliver amazing cinematic video experiences and stunning image quality by leveraging 4K, Dolby Vision and HDR10 resolution. And with the new Siri Remote control, you now have three-axis gyroscopic data available to create even more engaging interactive games and experiences.

The page of set top box Apple for Developers has also been updated with information on new hardware. A video with a wealth of information on how to update and optimize your application to the new 4K and HDR standards, as well as make better use of the motion options of the new Siri Remote, has also been published.

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In addition to the above guidelines and video pages, several other tutorials have been published for developers explaining features such as the A11 chip, facial tracking, Metal 2, and more, which can be accessed on this page.

The company also announced that developers can now submit their iOS, tvOS watchOS and even macOS apps for approval.