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Apple updates Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor for Mac with improvements and fixes


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07/26/2020 12: 5626/07/2020 12:57

Keeping an incredible periodicity of updates with great news, Telegram today arrived its…


07/25/2020 23: 4026/07/2020 05:54

The iOS 14 privacy news is not for fun, you see. We recently saw that…

07/25/2020 18: 5725/07/2020 19:13

Still without an announced release date, the second season of “For All Mankind”, series of…

Movie - Playmobil: The Movie

07/25/2020 12: 4525/07/2020 12:33

Weekly Apple chooses a Movie of the week from the iTunes Store, whose purchase (even in…

Photo for MM Wall

07/25/2020 10: 3024/07/2020 07:20

Every Saturday, we publish a new MM Wall here on the site. This is the issue …