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Apple Updates AirPods Pro Firmware

You may not know, but Apple often updates AirPod firmware. This has happened a few times [1, 2, 3] with first generation headphones; The company has now made the first update available to AirPods Pro.

The update is identified by the 2B588 build, and AirPods Pro was recently released with the 2B584.

What exactly has changed? There is no way to know, since Apple reports absolutely nothing about the update. In fact, the user does not even know that it exists, as everything is done automatically and completely silent when you use the headphones and they connect to the iPhone / iPad, the update is made.

Still, it is possible that the update has improved headset connectivity or fixed a minor issue.

To see if you are running the latest build, go to General Settings About, scroll down, tap “AirPods Pro” and see the firmware version.

via MacRumors | image: Hadrian / Shutterstock