Apple unveils new iPod capable of playing video and TV shows

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Apple announced a new iPod capable of playing videos and television shows.

The new reader will be available in two models, with 30 or 60 GB of memory capacity, which can store 15,000 to 25,000 photographs or 150 hours of video.

To guarantee the contents of the new device, Apple has already signed a partnership with Disney that will allow users to download chapters of television series to their digital music players on the day immediately following their transmission.

Among the first available series are Desperate Housewives or Lost.

Videos that will be available on iTunes cannot be downloaded to CD or DVD, but can be used on up to five computers.

The average download period for this type of file is the same as for six songs, according to a statement.

The New iPod hits stores in the United States as early as next week and will cost $ 299 and $ 399 for the 30 and 60 GB models, respectively.

Marking the launch of the new iPod, Apple also announced a new version of iTunes, which in addition to adding videos and television programs to the offer, will include a new personalized page.

Since launching the first iPod, Apple has sold 30 million units, giving it a 75 percent share of the global digital music player market.

The iTunes service, on the other hand, has an 84 percent market share.

On the same day Apple announced a new iMac G5.

The new equipment includes a standard camera with a set of special effects that allow you to distort the image, among other features.

Along with this extra, the system, which loses a few millimeters in thickness, also has a mini remote control.

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