Apple unveils eight new Apple Watch commercials, all very fast – 15 seconds [atualizado]

Apple unveils eight new Apple Watch commercials, all very fast – 15 seconds [atualizado]

On its YouTube channel, Apple today released seven (!) New commercials for Apple Watch.

They follow the line of those others that we already disclose (see here and here), that is, they are very fast (15 seconds) and focus on some of the possibilities of the smart watch.

Watch them all below:

Row (Row)

During a workout, the Apple Watch knows when to give you a little push.

Pursuit (Chase)

Ready to start a rivalry? Apple Watch allows you to set goals for fitness and compete against family and friends.

This brings Nick Jonas, from the Jonas Brothers.

Finding (Find)

Lost your iPhone? Apple Watch helps you quickly find it.

The star of this actress Chlo Sevigny.

Exchange (Swap)

With Apple Watch it’s easy to change wristbands and switch dials to suit any occasion.

In this the protagonist the gospel / soul singer Leon Bridges multi instrumentalist Jon Bastiste.

Golf (Golf)

Apple Watch monitors your daily activity and lets you know when you reach your goals.

It doesn’t matter how you get there.

Here we have the singer / songwriter Alice Cooper.

Surprise (Surprise)

With Apple Watch you can receive messages and set the environment by your wrist.

Rain (Rain)

Apple Watch keeps you one step ahead of time.

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Did you like it? They are more of the same, but they are still legal.

Update by Rafael Fischmann · 04/11/2016 s 20:22

There were seven, now there are eight commercials:

Climb (Climb)

Apple Watch makes it easy to keep track of your heartbeat and force yourself to go further.

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