Apple Unveils a Series of New iPad Pro Commercials

Apple Unveils a Series of New iPad Pro Commercials

Continuing a new series of commercials from the iPad Pro Launched in mid-January, Apple today ran five new ones next to a tablet commercial. Let's start with it.

Entitled Life On iPad (“Life on the iPad”), VT highlights the power and portability of iPad Pro at varying times in a person's daily life.

I found it cool that Apple shows the iPad Pro even connected to an LG monitor, through its USB-C port.

The other videos, as we saw in a behind-the-scenes production of the previous ones, were all filmed, edited, animated, drawn and composed completely with the iPad Pro which is undoubtedly impressive.

Check them all out below:

A New Way to Plan Your Wedding

Commercial Apps: Pinterest, Notability, Trello, Procreate, Calm and Messaging.

A new way to travel

Commercial Apps: Notes, Maps, Lake, NBA 2K, Apple Books, and Felt.

A new way to open your business

Commercial Apps: Notability, Affinity Designer, PowerPoint, Impress, Universe, and QuickBooks GoPayment.

A new way to create a video

Commercial Apps: LumaFusion and Animation Desk.

A new way to create music

Commercial Apps: GarageBand and Messaging.

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And, did you like it? 😉