Apple Union Square in San Francisco has ambitious details revealed two days before its opening

Apple Union Square in San Francisco has ambitious details revealed two days before its opening

Amazing: today it is exactly three years and three days ago that we spoke for the first time about the new Apple store in San Francisco, in the famous Union Square. Since then, a series of news involving the project (1, 2, 3) gave signs that we were talking about something more than a "common" Retail Store.

Well, the wait is almost over: on 5/21, also known as this Saturday, Ma will open the doors of her new Californian store and our consultant Breno Masi be there, covering all the details for us.

Looking ahead to two days, Apple’s vice president of retail and online sales, Angela Ahrendts, invited journalists from the area to preview today everything they offer to Apple Union Square yes, the name appears to be that, breaking the tradition of the “Apple Store, local name”. And, according to its presentation, the new space confirms the speculation that it aspires to be more than just a store.

Apple Union Square

15 years ago, Apple opened its first two stores and we are excited to mark the occasion with the opening of Apple Union Square in San Francisco. We are not only evolving the design of our stores, but their own role and greater role in the community, as we educate and entertain visitors and serve the network of local entrepreneurs.

In fact, the first sign of novelty in the new store comes face to face with its design: evolving the new language introduced in the stores in Brussels and Memphis, we see here an absolute predominance of glass, with emphasis on the gigantic and glorious doors of almost 13 meters in height that open automatically. A 6K screen occupies an internal wall almost completely. The metallic logo, on the side, a novelty reminiscent of those seen in the new MacBooks.

In addition to the most obvious changes, Apple also highlighted five new features that will be seen first in its new space in San Francisco:

  • "The Avenue" (“Avenida”): a space with several screens on the walls, where Ma's products are exposed, as well as third party accessories, and their benefits for the most diverse areas. Store employees called “Creative Pros” (as they are experts in the creative arts) will share tips and experience for customers in this space.
  • "Genius Grove" (“Alameda Genius”): the new version of the Genius Bar. In the center of the store, surrounded by plants, customers can have their support with the Geniuses done in a more personal and comfortable way on large wooden tables.
  • "The Forum" (“O Frum”): l events will happen “Today at Apple” (Today at Apple), in which artists, photographers, musicians, gamers, developers and entrepreneurs will bring their experiences to the public. In this space will be located the infamous 6K screen, where new music and clips from Apple Music will also be shown, for example.
  • “The Boardroom” (“The Meeting Room”): a separate space at the back of the store with a large meeting table, projection screen, sofas and demonstration area. It is aimed at the business public, and there will probably be meetings of this segment with Ma employees, demonstrating technologies and products.
  • “The Plaza” (“A Praa”): an entrance at the back of the store gives access to this beautiful open, wooded space, which will work 24/7 with free Wi-Fi. There will be located a bronze fountain by Californian sculptor Ruth Asawa, which has been in existence since 1969, and whose permanence was one of the conditions for the liberation of the construction of the new store. The events “Today at Apple” it will also eventually occur in this area, with musical and artistic performances. According to Apple, “The Plaza” will be found only in the most important stores of the company, although it was not clear whether it will be only in those that will still open or if current stores will also receive the space.


Internal view of the facade and the “Genius Grove”

Images by Matthew Panzarino.

Outside the store, but following the theme of collaboration with the community, Apple also announced a partnership with Ruth Asawa School of Arts in the construction of a visual arts laboratory with 45 workstations equipped with the latest products from Ma.

Apple Union Square replaces the current Apple Store, San Francisco, which is on Stockton Street (three blocks from the new one) and closes the day before the new space opens.