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Apple TV + would already have more than 30 million subscribers in the USA; Oprah comments on documentary output

Another day means what? More news from Apple TV +, of course! Well, let’s go to them.

Number of subscribers

According to Wall Street Journal, Apple’s original content platform already counts, about three months after its launch, with 33.6 million subscribers in the United States only. With that – if the numbers are correct, obviously – Apple TV + already has more users than Disney + (23.2 million) and the Hulu (31.8 million).

The numbers take into account all users who are enjoying the free year of Apple TV + with the purchase of a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV, so they are not surprising. Still, according to John Gruber, these initial indications show that Apple’s original content platform is a success, not least because – according to him – many users will choose to continue with the subscription after the end of the free year. Will you continue?

Reason for Oprah to leave project

As we reported a few weeks ago, one of the most illustrious projects on Apple TV + came to an abrupt end due to creative differences. I refer to the documentary on sexual harassment in the music industry, which would have executive production by the presenter Oprah Winfrey but it was canceled after disagreements between the producer and the rest of the team.

Oprah Winfrey

Well, Oprah went public recently and CBS, commented his departure from the project. The presenter made a point of noting that the event would not represent a victory for Russell Simmons, tycoon of the phonographic industry that would be the pivot of the documentary:

I say with absolute certainty that I did not leave the documentary because of Russell. This is not a victory for him. I will not be silenced by a Russell Simmons after all I have been through.

Oprah said the decision to leave the documentary was difficult precisely because of the impression it might leave, and that the voices of women who accused Simmons of sexual harassment or violence “need to be heard”.

I’ve lived #MeToo since I was 9: I was raped at 9, sexually harassed from 9 to 14, and then raped again at 14. And nothing is more difficult than defending yourself when you’re 14 and nobody believes on you – not even my own family believed me. So I defend these women. I believe them.

Oprah’s departure from the project was necessary, however, after the presenter learned about new developments in the story:

I don’t care about awards – I just care about doing things the right way, and I think there are some inconsistencies in the stories that we needed to check. I wanted the context of the case to be expanded, I wanted more women to be brought into the project. […] What all this has taught me is that you should not put your name on anything that you have no creative control over.

It is worth noting that, even without Oprah’s involvement, the documentary is still in production and will be released soon – but not on Apple TV +, of course. The presenter, of course, has several other projects with Apple, including a series on mental health produced in partnership with (ex?) Prince Harry.

Behind the scenes – and a podcast – of “Little America”

Meanwhile, the series “Little America”, which recently debuted on Apple TV + and has received rave reviews, had more details of its production revealed in a report by Forbes. According to the executive producer Kumail Nanjiani, the series was rejected by several broadcasters before finding a home in Cupertino.

According to Nanjiani, the concept of the series – which has an anthology format and follows, in each episode, different (real) stories of immigrants in the USA – made some more traditional broadcasters “somewhat hesitant” in relation to it.

Each one [canal] he was stuck with his old ways. They said “wait, do you want to do a series that has no known stars, with mostly non-white protagonists on our totally traditional station?” They were afraid to make a series of anthology about immigrants arriving in the USA.

According to Nanjiani, he and the other producers arrived at Apple talking about the series in an absolutely passionate way – and Apple embraced the project with the same enthusiasm. In addition to immediately ordering two seasons of “Little America”, the company agreed to considerably increase the budget for one of the episodes (the last of the first season) due to a political detail: the production needed a Syrian actor in particular, who could not – due to the recent restrictions imposed by the Trump administration – travel to the USA. The whole team then went to the Canada shoot that particular episode.

According to the co-producer Lee Eisenberg, the impact of “Little America” will spread: soon, the team will make available playlists on Apple Music with the songs included in each episode of the production, and a book about the series’s stories will be released sometime. There will also be a podcast delving into the cases reported in each episode – confirming a recent rumor published by Bloomberg, by the way.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Scott Z. Burns

Meanwhile, the Variety reported that Apple is close to signing a contract with the director and screenwriter Scott Z. Burns (“The Report”) for the production of an anthological series on climate change, called “Extrapolations”.

Scott Z. Burns

Burns’ hit with the Apple is not yet confirmed, but his idea behind the series does: apparently, we will have “intimate stories of how the coming changes on the planet will affect love, faith, work and family on a personal scale. and human ”. The stories will be told separately, but will intersect throughout the series.

Burns is developing the concept and is expected to serve as director and screenwriter in most episodes, while Michael Ellenberg – whose producer, Media Res, produces “The Morning Show” – will produce the series. We, of course, will be on the lookout for possible news here.

Featurette in “Servant”

We also have a new featurette of the suspense series “Servant” – this, focused on the importance of food for the narrative (which is a lot, as is obvious to everyone who has seen the series). According to the creator Tony Basgallop, the use of abundant food images serves to evoke a visceral response in the viewer.

In the video, we have some information revealed, such as the fact that the production has a chef dedicated to preparing the meals seen on the scene and that the actor Toby Kebbell (who plays a cook in the series) also participates in the processes.

Third season of “Carpool Karaoke”

Finally, host James Corden released the official trailer for the third season of “Carpool Karaoke: The Series”, that debut today (1/24) on Apple TV. This nine-episode lead, with one released every Friday, will feature artists like Kesha, Rashida Jones and the cast of “Stranger Things”.

The first episode of the third season of “Carpool Karaoke: The Series” is now available on the Apple TV app – remembering that an Apple TV + subscription is not required to watch the series; just open the app on your device and enjoy.


Still on the subject “Carpool Karaoke”, sorry to ruin your illusion, but, as brought by YouTuber Marques Brownlee, a tweet is circulating on the web and proving that our whole life is a lie.

James Corden doesn’t really drive during the “Carpool Karaoke”. I feel betrayed.

Another user pointed out that Corden already drove the car in some old episodes of the series, but opted for the arrangement more, say, free in recent seasons. See if you can? ?

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