Apple TV without 4K support, 16GB iPhones, new sports bracelets (Apple Watch), “iPad Pro”… the rumors don’t stop!

Mark Gurman, from 9to5Mac, is on a mission: to present all the news of the Apple special event of 9 September before the company. Just about everything we already know about the “iPhone 6s” and the new Apple TV was released by his sources, but, not satisfied, he now revealed more about Apple’s plans.

Apple TV

We’ve talked a lot about the news here – see some examples below:

For now Gurman shared the few details that are still missing about the set-top box. As already mentioned, the new Apple TV will not even support 4K, it will be a little bigger / thicker than the current one and will have the same ports (power, HDMI, optical audio, Ethernet and Micro USB). The new and long-awaited remote control will be black (following the color of the product) – although it will still be made of metal – and will have at least four physical buttons (one for Siri, another Home button in addition to the volume buttons).

The current Apple TV has 8GB for internal storage, which is actually not accessible by the user – this space is basically used for caching / downloading momentary movies and content available on the iTunes Store. Apparently the company has tested new models with 8GB and 16GB of capacity and has two alternatives: launch both for $ 149 and $ 199 each or market just one for $ 149.

For those concerned with space, it is worth noting that iOS 9 brings many new features so that apps get smaller and smaller. Not to mention that the contents of Apple TV apps (especially videos) do not need to be stored, since everything is done via streaming.

Of all that, what caught my attention the most is the lack of support for 4K resolution – especially considering that the new iSight camera on the “iPhone 6s” should shoot at that resolution. It may even be that currently it doesn’t make much sense in Apple’s plans, but let’s hope it is something that Apple can solve in the future with a simple software / firmware update, since 4K technology is there and should be geared up in the coming years. years.

“IPhones 6s / 6s Plus”

The boy’s sources also “confirmed” that the capacities and prices of the new devices will remain the same: 16GB, 64GB and 128GB; $ 649, $ 749 and $ 849 (iPhone 6); $ 749, $ 849 and $ 949 (iPhone 6 Plus).


In addition, the new devices will come even with the 7000 series aluminum, as we have already shown.

Apple Watch

No, we will not see a new watch being presented – after all, the first generation is still being sold in very few countries. But that does not mean that we will not have news related to it.

According to Gurman, some new color options for the sports bracelet will be launched on 9/9 – perhaps those that we have already seen being shown by Jony Ive and his team at an event in Italy.

New iPads

Do you think it’s over? No! Apparently we will also have new iPads at the event.

Apple plans to introduce the rumored “iPad Pro” (tablet with a 12-13 inch screen) to the world. Even if it is revealed, the product should not arrive in stores until November – with the pre-sale starting in late October. This, however, is the only product that Gurman’s sources were not so sure of, saying that changes in plan may still occur, leaving his presentation for a future event in October.

“IPad Pro” concept, by Martin Hajek

If this “iPad Pro” really comes, we will most likely also see the “iPad mini 4” coming out. As we already said, it should be practically a miniature of the current iPad Air 2 (A8 processor, support for the new feature Split View iOS 9, improved cameras, etc.). The iPad Air 2, on the other hand, is unlikely to even get an upgrade – this will likely be for next year.

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And my friends. If you still expected to be surprised at next week’s event, Gurman broke up with your plans. Regardless, be sure to follow the full coverage that we will do here at MacMagazine!