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Apple TV + will have new series with Elisabeth Moss; company wants more blockbusters

Here we have more news from Apple TV +!

Today, we will see that Apple has ordered a new series, entitled “Shining Girls”, which will star with none other than Elisabeth Moss. In addition, the success of “Greyhound”, with Tom Hanks, left Apple wanting for more blockbusters, as we will see later.

“Shining Girls”

Apple announced a new series called “Shining Girls”, which has been described as a thriller fictional starring actress Elisabeth Moss (“O Tia da Aia” and “Mad Men: Inventando A Verdade”).

Elisabeth Moss

The production is based on the novel of the same name, by Lauren Beukes, and will be executed by the producer Appian Wayfounded by the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The work focuses on the story of Kirby Mizrachi (Moss), a Chicago reporter who survives an assassination attempt on a serial killer who travels in time. She then teams up with a homicide reporter to track down her alleged killer and bring him to justice.

In addition to starring in the series, Moss will also serve as executive producer, alongside DiCaprio. There is still no information about the release date or other cast members.

More blockbusters!

A new report by Fast Company indicates that Apple may be preparing to release more than a dozen feature films a year, according to sources familiar with the matter.

According to the publication, this new strategy could be taken after the success of “Greyhound”, starring Tom Hanks and released on Apple TV + a few weeks ago.

Still according to the information, Apple is already looking for possible new Hollywood hits, but does not go into much detail. It is worth noting that just a few months ago the information came that the Apple TV + would also win non-original productions as a way for the company to compete better with its rivals.

Using high-potential movies as a pivot to attract more subscribers is risky, but Apple has several factors in its favor – the biggest one, at this point, is the fact that the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has suspended the release of several cinema productions, many of which can be purchased by the company.

This, perhaps, will help to improve the situation (read: interest) of Apple TV + subscribers, which has been low, as we will see below.

Interest on Apple TV +

Although it has a good number of subscribers, the interest in Apple TV + is one of the lowest among the main platforms of streaming, according to a new survey by UserTesting [PDF].

While the numbers are not entirely alarming, they indicate that the Apple platform is not attracting customers the way it should. In fact, 84% of respondents said they were satisfied with the service, while Netflix, Disney + and Hulu stayed with 90%; already HBO Now/Max and Amazon Prime Video have 87% customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction streaming services

Asked if the platforms met their expectations, 46% of respondents answered yes to Apple TV +, while 27% said the service fell short of what they expected and another 27% said it exceeded their expectations.

Customers were also asked to report the likelihood of returning to streaming if they interrupt their subscriptions; the data were compared across platforms, with just under 25% of respondents saying it was “very likely” to re-subscribe to Apple TV + – the lowest rate of all.

Research on streaming services

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