Apple TV + will have a new documentary by the band Beastie Boys; “Servant” is accused of plagiarism

Beasty Boys

Once again, news about the Apple TV + they are mixed: while good news will arrive soon, Apple is at another crossroads in relation to its original productions.

Without further ado, shall we go to them?

Documentary by the band Beastie Boys

Apple recently acquired the rights to «Beastie Boys Story», a documentary about the New York rap / rock group formed in 1981. The production will celebrate the 26th anniversary of the release of the band’s fourth album, «Ill Communication», as informed by Variety.

Beasty Boys

«Beastie Boys Story» is based on the work «Beastie Boys Book», 2018, and will include the participation of Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz) and Mike D (Michael Diamond), who will discuss their long friendship and rise to fame. The documentary will also show the group’s legacy, which continues today.

In the technical part, production will be directed by Spike Jonze – extremely praised (and awarded) for his work in the commercial of HomePod starring FKA twigs. In addition, Jonze also directed the original version of the band’s music video for the song «Sabotage».

The documentary will premiere at the SXSW Film Festival (which will take place between March 13 and 22) and will be shown in theaters on April 3 before being released on Apple TV + on 4/24.

«Servant» accused of plagiarism

Premiere of M. Night Shyamalan and cast of «Servant».

Apple and the series producer «Servant», M. Night Shyamalan, are targets of a new process that accuses them of plagiarizing the film «The Great Illusion» (“The Truth about Emanuel“, Available on Netflix), 2013. The information is from The Blast.

The director of the supposedly plagiarized film, Francesca Gregorini, says «Servant» appropriates the plot of his production and “uses the same cinematographic language”, making the series and the film “substantially similar”.

Along with the plot’s parallel points, Gregorini says that «Servant» it also features «very similar – and» highly idiosyncratic «characters, scenes and storytelling.

The process also mentions the screenwriter Tony Basgallop and other producers on the show. In defense, Shyamalan and other creators of the series said that «Servant» was in development before the release of the Gregorini film.

The defendants arrogantly rejected Gregorini’s accusations, vaguely claiming that «Servant» it was in development long before “The Truth About Emanuel” was released, and that any similarity is a coincidence. In fact, Shyamalan and Basgallop plausibly claim that they never saw the film – apparently they were not even curious enough to watch it after hearing Gregorini’s objections. Worse, Apple raised the stonewalling to a new level, simply by directing questions to Shyamalan’s lawyer (who in turn says he cannot speak for Apple).

Gregorini demands payment of damages and any profits that Apple made from the series, in addition to an injunction that prevents «Servant» to continue showing on Apple TV +. The Apple, as mentioned above, did not respond to any of the charges (and may not even comment). We’ll see.

Debuts at the SXSW Film Festival

Apple announced this week that some (future) Apple TV + productions will debut on the SXSW Film Festival, which will take place from March 13 to 22, as mentioned above.

In addition to the newly acquired documentary «Beastie Boys Story», there we will also have the series premieres “Central Park” and «Home».

“Central Park” it will be an animated musical series that will tell the story of a family of caregivers who live and work in Central Park (New York) and end up saving the world.

Already «Home» will provide an inside (and complete) view of some of the most innovative homes in the world – and never seen before. The episode that will debut on SXSW, for example, shows the home of the lawyer and science fiction writer Christopher Brown, which is considered a “modern interpretation of the homes of Native Americans”.

There is no information on when these last two series will debut on ‌Apple TV‌ +, but Apple is likely to release a date shortly after SXSW.

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