Apple TV + will have a Mexican superhero series with an “Rebel” actor; «Dickinson» is well received at festival

Apple TV + will have a Mexican superhero series with an “Rebel” actor;  "Dickinson" is well received at festival

THE Apple TV + really has the whole ball: we still have almost a month and a half until the service streaming Apple makes its official debut for the general public, but Apple continues to add stars to its (growing) series catalog and even winning awards.

Shall we take a tour of the news then?

“El Gato Negro”

Apple continues to add series and stars to its catalog. The most recent arrival, brought by Hollywood Reporter, is that of “El Gato Negro”, adaptation of the Mexican comic book of the same name.

Diego BonetaDiego Boneta

The series will be directed by the filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, known for his work in films as «Sin City» and “Alita: Combat Angel”; Rodriguez will also play the role of executive producer with the actor Diego Boneta (“Rebelde”), which will star in the production.

There is still no more information about the series, but the comic on which it will be based tells the story of two heroes fighting crime in South Texas – one of them, a young man who takes over the mantle after the death of his best friend, and the other, his grandfather, a veteran of lucha libre Mexican who played the same role decades before.

In addition to Rodriguez and Boneta, the series will be co-produced by Joel Novoa, and will be made in partnership with MGM Television and producer Three Amigos.

“Carpool Karaoke”

For the second consecutive year, the variety program “Carpool Karaoke: The Series” took a Primetime Emmy Award – that is, one of the “main” awards of the Emmy, of artistic category.

Just like last year, the prize billed by Apple was that of Best Short Variety Series. Among the others nominated in the category, we had two series aired on YouTube (“Honest Trailers” and “The Randy Rainbow Show”) and two others produced by the comedy group Funny or Die («Billy on the Street» and «Gay of Thrones»).

It is worth remembering that the Academy of Arts and Television Sciences, responsible for the Emmy, released part of the awards yesterday; the most coveted statuettes of the main categories will be announced (and delivered) next Sunday (9/22), in a ceremony that will take place at the Microsoft Theater (heh) in Los Angeles (California).


As announced, Apple recently aired the first full episode of one of its Apple TV + series. This is the pilot of «Dickinson», which premiered at the Tribeca TV Festival – and, to Apple’s relief, received good reviews and was well received by the audience.

THE AppleInsider was one of the specialized sites present in premiere, and reported that the episode received applause, although it did not receive a standing ovation. As expected, «Dickinson» brings several purposeful anachronisms in the mission to report part of the life of the poet Emily Dickinson, who lived in the middle of the 19th century – the pilot of the series, for example, brought a song by Billie Eilish as a soundtrack and still showed the rapper Wiz Khalifa as a stylized personification of death.

According to reports, the series – even with a light and comical tone – does not deviate from themes or scenarios considered more adult. The first episode features a brief sex scene, and suggests that the production plot will focus on Dickinson’s romantic relationship with his sister-in-law, Susan Gilbert. For those who resigned to the fact that Apple would focus entirely on content family-friendly, this information can be a boost.

John MulaneyJohn Mulaney

On a related note, a new name was added to the cast of “Dickinson”: it’s John Mulaney, a comedian known for his performances of stand-up and for working on «Saturday Night Live». Mulaney will play, in the series, a fictionalized version of the poet Henry David Thoreau – who, in real life, never got to know Dickinson. To find out how this meeting will take place in fiction … well, only after November 1st.


Another novelty of cast is in «Shantaram», a series based on the novel of the same name by author Gregory David Roberts that we talked about here. According to the Variety, the actor Charlie Hunnam, in «Sons of Anarchy», was cast as the protagonist of the overproduction, which should start filming soon.

Charlie HunnamCharlie Hunnam

Hunnam will play Lin, a man imprisoned in an Australian prison who flees to Mumbai and becomes a kind of crime king on the streets of the Indian city. The series, as well as the book, will have locations in very different settings, such as the mountains of Afghanistan and the slums of Mumbai; the episodes will be directed by the filmmaker Justin Kurzel («Assassins Creed») and scripted by Eric Warren Singer («Cheating»).

Justin Theroux

Finally, the Geeks Worldwide reported that the actor Justin Theroux (in «The Leftovers») will star in a new Apple TV + series, still unnamed. According to the synopsis released by the website, the production will follow the character of Theroux, an inventor named Allie Fox, as he flees the United States to create a utopian society in Honduras – at the same time, however, putting his family in unimaginable dangers.

Justin TherouxJustin Theroux

The series will be directed by the filmmaker Rupert Wyatt, from “Planet of the Apes: The Origin”, and will have as executive producer Neil Cross, in «Luther». There is no information on the start of production or when it will arrive on Apple TV +, but considering that we are still talking about preliminary plans, it should still be a while before something concrete is produced.

via Apple World Today, MacRumors