Apple TV + will have a comedy series by the directors of “Angels of the Law”; Kristen Bell leaves role in “Central Park” after controversy

Another day, another wave of news about the Apple TV +! Come on?

“The Afterparty”

The first novelty of the day is the announcement of yet another original Apple series: “The Afterparty”, created by Chris Miller and Phil Lord – Oscar winning duo who directed the films of the series “Angels of the Law” and created the franchise “Uma Aventura Lego”.

The series is described as a mystery comedy that follows in the footsteps of a murder, which occurred in afterparty of a reunion of high school friends. Each of the eight episodes recounts the events from the point of view of one of the characters – each with its own visual format and cinematographic genre, to match the narrator’s personality.

According to Apple, production rights were acquired in a “competitive situation”. Miller will be the creator and showrunner series, while Lord will play the role of executive producer; there is still no more information about filming, cast or premiere date.

“Central Park”

Meanwhile, a change: the actress Kristen Bell (“The Good Place”) announced that it will no longer lend its voice to the character Molly Tillerman, “Central Park”.

Kristen Bell

The decision was made by Bell, together with the series team, after the controversy that arose due to the casting of the actress. Molly Tillerman is a biracial character, the daughter of a black father and a white mother, which has led to accusations of whitewashing – the practice of putting white actors to play characters of other races, taking away part of the identity of these characters and denying important opportunities for actors of other colors or ethnicities.

On Twitter, Bell explained his decision, noting that this is the right time – considering the wave of anti-racist protests that have taken the United States and the world in recent weeks – for white people to recognize their privileges and the importance of giving a voice (and space) other ethnicities.

This is the time to acknowledge our acts of complicity [com o racismo estrutural] – here’s one of mine. Interpret Molly in “Central Park” shows a lack of awareness of my most insidious privileges. Casting a white actress for a multiracial character undermines the specificity of the experience of multiracial people and African Americans.

The series’ production also issued a statement, explaining that Bell will remain in the cast of the production, in another role; for the second season, a new actress will be cast to play Molly. The team also pledged to create more opportunities for non-white people in various positions in the series – whether in dubbing, between the writers, in production and in post-production.

“Little Voice”

Finally, we have the first trailer for “Little Voice”, the musical series co-produced by Sara Bareilles and JJ Abrams:

“Little Voice” will debut on Apple TV + on 10th day next. Who will watch?

via Cult of Mac