Apple TV + will be adapted from “Snow Blind” with Jake Gyllenhaal; new “Greyhound” video and more

Apple TV + will be adapted from “Snow Blind” with Jake Gyllenhaal;  new “Greyhound” video and more

After the news that the Apple TV + would start to win non-original productions (to increase the competition of the service of Apple in relation to its rivals), the news of the platform heated up, but that does not mean that the company left aside its own attacks ? quite the contrary, as we will see the follow.

In addition, Apple released a new video on the story of the feature film ?Greyhound: Na Mira do Inimigo? (?Greyhound: Battle of the Atlantic?), presented by the protagonist / co-producer of the feature, Tom Hanks.

Without further ado, do we go to these and other news? ?

?Snow Blind?

As we said, Apple recently acquired the rights to the film ?Snow Blind?, an adaptation of the eponymous graphic novel to be starring the Oscar-nominated American actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The information is deadline.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Gustav Möller

Jake Gyllenhaal and Gustav Möller | ? Yahoo

According to the report, the film was widely disputed by several studios, but the final closing price was not disclosed. Still according to the deadline, production will be directed by Gustav Möller and written by Patrick Ness.

THE thriller Ollie Masters and Tyler Jenkins tells the story of high school teenager Teddy, whose life is turned upside down when he publishes a photo of his father unaware that his family is on the United States Federal Witness Protection Program ? doing with them all taking an unprecedented risk.

?Snow Blind? it will be the third adaptation of Apple TV +; currently, the company is already developing the production of ?Killers of the Flower Moon?, with Martin Scorsese. Furthermore, last week, we commented that Apple also won the rights to ?Emancipation? (?Emancipation?), starring Will Smith.


The new film starring Tom Hanks, ?Greyhound: Na Mira do Enimigo?, was released on Apple TV + last Friday (10/7); a few days earlier, the company had released a video in which the actor (and co-producer of the feature) explained the plot better ? now, we have a new video with more details of the story.

The three-minute video expands the trailer for the feature, explaining the views of those at the center of the drama, who are ?under immense pressure, with the grim possibility of death at any time.?

Also appearing in the video are the military adviser and retired captain Dale Dye, the director Aaron Schneider and the actor Rob Morgan ? if you?ve seen the movie, it?s certainly worth checking out!

?The Morning Show?

Apple launched an hour-long debate with the participation of the stars and the ?The Morning Show?, one of the original Apple series most acclaimed by viewers. Production, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, won several awards for portraying the behind-the-scenes scandals of a fictional morning television show.

As we reported, Apple gave the green light for the production of the second season of the series, whose filming was suspended due to the social distance measures caused by the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is also why the debate was recorded remotely; check out:

The conversation, divided into three parts, was intermediated by the producer Jess Cagle, who asked the series team questions.

In addition to stars such as Aniston and Witherspoon, Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, other production members also participated in the conversation, including showrunner Kerry Ehrin, director and executive producer Mimi Leder, as well as fellow executive producers Michael Ellenberg and Brian Stelter, whose work ?Top of the Morning? inspired the creation of the series.

?Central Park?

Finally, Apple also released a new video with the lyrics of the song ?I?m In A Perfect Relationship? (?I am in a perfect relationship?), performed by the actors Eugene Cordero and Kristen Bellmusical animation ?Central Park?.

New episodes of the first season of ?Central Park? are released every week on Fridays on Apple TV +.

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