Apple TV + signs contract with producer Idris Elba; “Greyhound” launched box office champions

Another day, another good wave of news from Apple TV +! Come on?

Idris Elba

To start with, Apple signed a priority contract with Green Door Pictures, producer of the acclaimed actor Idris Elba (“The Wire”). The information is deadline.

Idris Elba

With the agreement, the projects developed by the producer will be presented first to Apple TV +, which will have priority in the acquisition of its rights; if Apple is not interested, then Green Door will be able to offer productions to other studios or platforms.

Elba’s producer is behind some projects starring the actor, like the series “Turn Up Charlie” (from Netflix) and the upcoming movie “Concrete Cowboys”. In other words, we are likely to see Elba’s face in an Apple TV + movie or series in the not-too-distant future. Very good, isn’t it?


“Greyhound”, the war drama starring and written by Tom Hanks, debuted on Apple TV + last Friday, and the small pre-release controversy doesn’t seem to have affected the public’s interest in the film in the slightest: according to sources heard by deadline, the first days of availability of the feature attracted numbers “similar to those of a box office champion in the North American summer”.

Official art from the film

Apple does not disclose audience figures for the movies and series on its platform, but according to the deadline, “Greyhound” had more viewers on its opening weekend than any other original Apple production.

According to estimates, 30% of people who watched the movie in those first days of availability have just arrived on Apple TV + – that is, users who activated the platform’s free month just to watch the war drama. The challenge for Apple now is to convince these new users to keep the subscription. Is it possible?


We already know that “Servant”, the supernatural series of M. Night Shyamalan, will win a second season on Apple TV +. And we won’t just be in it, apparently: Shyamalan revealed that the production will go further, reaching (at least) the third and fourth seasons.

Preparing to finish the recordings for the second season of @Servant in the fall. During the quarantine, I worked on completing our series on our library panel. We have already started the writers’ office for seasons 3 and 4. I love working on this series. I’m learning a lot about how to tell stories.

In addition to announcing the extension of “Servant”, Shyamalan also stated that the recordings of the second season of the series are almost finished. Therefore, it is to be expected that, with the end of the new Coronavirus pandemic, we will have more episodes of the production debuting soon afterwards on Apple TV +. Very well then.

“Ted Lasso”

Finally, Apple released the first trailer for “Ted Lasso”, comedy series starring Jason Sudeikis and based on a character he has already played on NBC Sports. Check it out:

In the series, college football coach Ted Lasso is hired to coach a great English football team, even though he has no experience in the sport or in major competitions. In addition to starring, Sudeikis will executive produce the series with Bill Lawrence; the series will debut on Apple TV + August 14.

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