Apple TV + signs agreement with producer of filmmaker Ridley Scott; “Amazing Stories” is the target of a lawsuit

Apple TV + signs agreement with producer of filmmaker Ridley Scott;  “Amazing Stories” is the target of a lawsuit

Another day, another wave of news from Apple TV +! Shall we go to them?

Scott Free

According to the Variety, Apple signed a preference agreement with Scott Free, producer of the renowned filmmaker Ridley Scott. With the contract, all projects developed by the producer should be offered to Apple first – they can still be negotiated with other platforms or broadcasters, but only if Apple is not interested.

Negotiation, in a way, is Scott’s return to the Apple: in addition to directing classics like «Alien», «Blade Runner» and “Gladiador”, the filmmaker also commanded the production of «1984», the Macintosh launch commercial widely regarded as one of the biggest in advertising history.

Obviously, the deal does not necessarily mean that Scott will be behind all future projects to be developed with Apple TV + – he can, after all, simply assume the role of executive producer without necessarily getting his hands dirty. Still, the prospects are positive: Scott Free has a number of interesting projects up its sleeve, and it will be great to see them on the Apple platform.

Process by “Amazing Stories”

Meanwhile, Apple received another lawsuit: this time, involving the series “Amazing Stories” and because of the alleged misuse of a song – «Side Show»rapper Richie Rich. The information is AppleInsider.

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The music was used in the second episode of the series and, according to the complainants, did not have its royalties duly paid to the producer / distributor Darrell Jackson. The lawsuit was filed with the Northern California District Court and demands payment of the amounts in question, as well as damages and an acknowledgment by Apple that Jackson owns the rights to the song.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first imbroglio involving “Amazing Stories”: a few weeks ago, we talked here about the accusation of plagiarism by a photographer in relation to one of the opening scenes of the series. The case, however, (still) has not yielded any legal action itself.

4K back in Europe

At the end of March, we talked here about the reduction in quality of Apple TV + in Europe – movement carried out by all platforms streaming on the continent because of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), aiming to avoid an overload of the internet network in a period of social isolation.

Now it seems that things have started to return to normal there: according to the 9to5Mac, the Apple has already completed the 30-day period with reduced quality and has started offering, since the end of April, transmissions in superior quality – including 4K.

According to the FlatpanelsHD, a Netflix is now taking the same path: in at least three countries (Denmark, Norway and Germany), the platform is already offering 4K HDR broadcasts to consumers who pay for the most expensive service plans.

A sign, therefore, that – at least in Europe – things are starting to return to normal.

Special episode of «Mythic Quest»

For fans of the comedy series «Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet», there is great news: the production – which, like basically the entire audiovisual world, was paralyzed by COVID-19 – will have a special episode completely written, filmed and edited remotely in iPhones.

The episode «Mythic Quest: Quarantine» will come to Apple TV + on next friday (22/5) and will bring the entire main cast of the series, showing the challenges of the characters having to work from their homes. The script was written by the series creator, Rob McElhenney, by the co-creator Megan Ganz and by the actor / executive producer David Hornsby.

Thereby, «Mythic Quest» joins «American Idol», “Parks and Recreation” and “Fraggle Rock: Rock On!” as series that had their production maintained with a little help from iPhones. McElhenney even spoke to Hollywood Reporter about the novelty:

We needed to shoot the episode quickly without sacrificing quality. Luckily, we live in a time when everyone has a camera in their pocket. IPhones, combined with the talent of our team, allowed us to produce this completely unique episode in a matter of days. We hope that people will enjoy watching it as much as we enjoy doing it.

Who will watch?

New video from «Helpsters»

Finally, guess what: we have a new episode of «Helpsters Help You», the YouTube miniseries starring characters from Apple TV +’s children’s production. In “Bright Smiles & Hand Waves”, Cody teaches children what to do when you meet a loved one, but you cannot approach them – very useful for this time of social isolation:

Very cute, isn’t it? ?