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Apple TV +: premiere of “The Banker”; behind the scenes of “Little America” and “Mythic Quest”

Continuing the news of the Apple TV +, we will see that the Apple managed to reverse the cathartic state that “The Banker” was and finally performed the premiere of the film this week, opening the doors for the dissemination of the production – which has already accumulated some controversies.

In addition, the company released two new behind-the-scenes videos of “Little America” and comedy “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet”, which show some unpublished aspects of the productions themselves.

Premiere of “The Banker”

The release of the film “The Banker” it was not the most positive for Apple. As we reported, since last November the production faced difficulties to solve a problem related to the family of a character portrayed in the feature, the banker Bernard Garrett Sr.

As we reported, his son (Bernard Garrett Jr.), who worked as a co-producer of the work, was accused by his two sisters (Cynthia and Sheila Garrett) of sexual abuse. According to them, Garrett Jr. would have raped them for years, and it all came to a head with the production and release of the film.

When faced with the controversy, Apple said it wanted to “take the time to understand the situation and review the information available to the parties” before opening the film, which happened only last night (2/3). The information is Daily Mail.

More precisely, the launch event took place at the National Museum of Civil Rights, located in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. The protagonists of the film participated in the event, Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson – who play Garrett Sr. and Joe Morris, respectively.

The film tells the story of Garrett and Morris, who opened two banks in Texas in the 1950s. To circumvent racist real estate laws during the Jim Crow Era, they hired a white man named Matt Steiner (played by Nicholas Hoult ) to act as the face of the business.

“The Banker” was directed by George Nolfi (“The Agents of Destiny”) and also features Nia Long (“NCIS: Los Angeles”), Colm Meaney (“Hell on Wheels”) and Jessie Usher (“Shaft”).

Behind the scenes “Little America”

Apple released another video from the series “Inside the Episode”(“ Inside the Episode ”) of the production “Little America”, this time about the episode “The Baker”.

In the video, we see brief interviews with the episode director, Chioke Nassoras well as with the actress Kemiyondo Coutinho, who plays Beatrice. The executive producer Lee Eisenberg also stands in front of the camera to talk about the episode.

Previously, the company shared three other videos inside the stories of “The Manager”, “The Jaguar” and “The Cowboy”.

Q&A with cast of “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet”

Apple also shared a new video on YouTube: this is a question and answer session with the cast of “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet”. In it, the comedy team talks about their favorite games during childhood.

Check out:

Among the stars of “Mythic Quest” They are Charlotte Nicdao, who played Poppy, in addition to the actor and executive producer Rob McElhenney. All episodes of the first season are now available on Apple TV +.

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