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Apple TV may fall to last place among streaming devices soon

For many years, Apple tv It was publicly classified as a hobby within Apple – a project that did not give much money or particular prestige to Ma, but was still developed by the company's simple satisfaction to do so and to expand, albeit slowly, the domains of Apple. iTunes Store.

Years later, another conversation: Apple TV, today, a competitive product, with high doses of marketing from its manufacturer and an upcoming platform for streaming itself that promises to place it among the great competitors of the segment. Apple's ambitions, however, may need to be adjusted.

According to a survey by Strategy Analytics, Apple is at the bottom of the US connected TV market covering all set top boxes such as Apple TV, as well as consoles that access gaming platforms. streaming or even smart tv systems. Worse, in the firm's prediction, Ma could fall for the group's lantern by the end of the year.

Roku continues to lead the market with slackness: Roku has been steadily growing since the start of Strategy Analytics research and has not dropped first since winning in the first quarter of last year. There are currently about 41 million active Roku platforms worldwide, including the company's physical devices and TVs equipped with its system; the company has a 36 percent slack on Sony's PlayStation consoles vice-leader platform and could expand that advantage to around 70 percent by the end of the year.

Connected TV Market, Strategy Analytics

Following the “ranking” are Samsung's Tizen Smart TVs, Microsoft's Xbox consoles, Google's Chromecasts and Android TV devices, Amazon Fire TV, and even Nintendo consoles. Then we reached Apple, at the bottom of the survey, glued to LG TVs running webOS.

It is worth noting that the numbers refer only to the United States, but considering that we are talking about Apple's main market and its main area of ​​influence, it is considered that the company is seeing even worse performance in other important areas such as Europe or China.

Interesting to note Strategy Analytics' predictions for the coming quarters: According to the firm, Roku will continue to grow as long as Nintendo rises further and webOS has a slight growth that will make it surpass Apple by putting Ma in the flashlight. connected TV market, with about 12 million active Apple TVs.

By disclosing these forecasts, the firm already naturally takes into account the upcoming arrival of Apple TV + ie, in the view of Strategy Analytics, the new platform for streaming Apple will not be of great value in expanding the influence of Apple TV in its territory. But that, of course, will only be proven over time we'll wait and see.

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