Apple TV +: “Little America” (Immigrant Series) to be season 2

Apple TV +: “Little America” (Immigrant Series) to be season 2

Apple has added new titles to its streaming of video a few weeks ago like Servant and Truth Be Told; however, as promised, more productions will be added to the service on a monthly basis and the company has just confirmed its next release: the series “Little America”.

In a press release, Apple confirmed that the series debut (inspired by the lives of immigrants in the United States) will take place on January 17th, in about a month. Ma also reported that the first season will be available on Apple TV +, in full, the same day.

It consists of 8 episodes in 30 minutes, each with their own story (with people who came from different parts of the world). Check out the synopses below:

  • The manager: At age 12, Kabir needs to learn how to run a motel in Utah when his parents are deported to India.
  • The jaguar: Marisol, a teenage immigrant from Mexico, navigates the competitive world with the help of her coach, who inspires her to dream big on and off the court.
  • The cowboy: Iwegbuna, an economics student from a small village in Nigeria, struggles to adapt to Oklahoma life, but gains confidence and connects home by being part of a culture he admired as a child: cowboys.
  • The silence: Sylviane's ten-day silent meditation retreat takes an unexpected turn as she develops feelings for a man with whom she has shared everything but words.
  • The son: When Rafiq escapes from his home in Syria after his father discovers his homosexuality, he is forced to flee until he finds his "home" in the most unlikely places.
  • The baker: Beatrice, the only one of her 22 brothers to be sent from Uganda to a college in the USA, tries to reach her own version of the "American Dream" by selling her chocolate chip cookies with a basket over her head.
  • The Grand Prize Expo Winners: A single mom from Singapore gets an all-inclusive cruise in Alaska allowing her and her two children to experience the taste of the good life on an emotionally cathartic trip.
  • The rock: Make sure you try everything to build a home for your Iranian family, even remove a soft rock from a property that would be perfect in Yonkers.

“Little America” written and produced by Lee Eisenberg, known for his work on “The Office”; the series co-creator “Master of None”, Alan Yang, also executive producer.

Although it has not been released, Apple is betting high on production so much that it has already decided to renew it for second season.

Advertising Videos

Ma has also released a number of videos behind some of their Apple TV + productions, such as Ghostwriter, Hala and Helpsters. In them, the company shows a little of the inspiration that led to the creation of the series; except on the video Helpsters, in which the American singer Talib Kweli interacts with the characters to create a song.

Check out:

Ghostwriter Featurette of Literature

Cast and crew members highlight the importance of literature in the series. Ghostwriter aims to teach children to focus on literature throughout the program. Ghostwriter expands into different genres and authors of “Alice in Wonderland”, “Frankenstein”, “Jungle Book” and much more.

Hala Finding Inspiration with Jada Pinkett Smith

Writer and director Minhal Baig shares her inspiration behind "Hala," an original Apple movie.

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Helpsters and Talib Kweli will make you vibrate with their song about bees. 🐝