Apple TV is more popular than Apple Watch and AirPods among Apple users in the U.S.

Apple TV is more popular than Apple Watch and AirPods among Apple users in the U.S.

It is impressive to note the trajectory of Apple TV since it was launched, in 2007, until today: the small device started as nothing more than a hobby for Apple and today it is one of the epicenters of the company’s change of focus strategy, which is starting to prioritize services in (relative) detriment to hardware. How good, then, that your popularity is following this change.

THE Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) conducted a recent survey of users of Apple products in the United States – that is, usual buyers of company devices, such as iPhones, iPads and Macs. Among the firm’s findings, an interesting data is in the chart of “other products”, or secondary devices that these users have: according to the survey, almost 25% of American Apple consumers own an Apple TV.

This makes the set-top box Apple’s more popular than two products that have been quickly sticking to the company’s stops: the Apple Watch (which is in the fists of approximately 20% of Apple users) and the AirPods (present, in this moment, in about 8% of the ears of usual buyers of the company). Of course, one must consider that Apple TV had much more time to build this user base (12 years old, against 4 on the clock and 3 on the headphones), but still the numbers are encouraging.

Entertainers, particularly, because a large Apple TV user base means a potentially large user base for the Apple TV +, one of Apple’s big moves in the service sector. And that doesn’t mean that Apple Watch and AirPods are behind, no – CIRP co-founder Mike Levin said:

Apple TV has been available for many years, so we are not surprised that it has reached that level of penetration. The Apple Watch has become almost as prevalent as, even with fewer years of availability. AirPods and HomePod show measurable, but lower, penetration rates. AirPods are among the top Bluetooth headsets for Apple users, but HomePod still loses to Amazon Echo and Google Home – even among Apple users.

The same survey also found that the installed base of iPhones in the USA today is 204 million. This is the highest number ever obtained by Apple, but it represents the smallest sum of new smartphone units in consecutive quarters – according to the firm, this is because there are fewer consumers purchasing smartphones for the first time, fewer users are switching from Android to iOS.

Still, it is possible that we will see a slightly steeper rise in this graph in the coming periods, considering the popularity of the latest iPhone models. It will be?

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