Apple TV + has the worst cost-benefit in research; service will have spy series and first animated feature

Let’s go to the newest news round about the Apple TV +? Come here!

Cost benefit

THE R $ 10 (or $ 5) monthly, the streaming da Maçã is one of the cheapest in its category – but that does not mean that its cost-benefit ratio is necessarily the best among its peers.

To try to measure this relationship, the platform Reelgood made an interesting survey: computed the amount of content present on each platform, dividing the series / films into “good quality” (grade over 6.5 on the IMDb with over 300 votes) and “great quality” (grade over 8 with more than 300 votes). Then, they divided these numbers by the monthly fee for each service.

In the end, Apple TV + was at a distant last place in the comparison. According to the survey, for every dollar you spend on the service, you have access to “great quality” content and three “good quality” content. This represents a real beating in relation to the ranking champion, the Amazon Prime Video – in it, you have 26 great content, 69 good (and 247 in total!) For every dollar spent per month.

THE Netflix obtained the second place, with the Hulu pasted right behind; HBO Max and Disney + followed, with less favorable results.

The result is not to be expected: when opting for a catalog composed only of original productions (at least until now), Apple TV + has a huge deficiency in terms of options to watch. The Apple’s bet is on the quality of what it offers, but – at least so far – few of its original series and films have stood out in the preference of the public and critics. We will see if this scenario will change in the coming months / years … or not. What do you think?


Meanwhile, Apple continues to sign contracts for new productions. The most recent, according to the deadline, is “Tehran” – an Israeli-Iranian espionage series starring Niv Sultan, Shaun Toub and Navid Negahban.

Apple TV +

In the series, Sultan plays a hacker from the Mossad (Israeli secret service) in the middle of his first mission in Tehran, his hometown. Her goal is to disable an Iranian nuclear reactor, but the mission fails and the agent must act alone to fix things – in the process, rediscovering her Iranian roots and engaging with a pro-democracy activist.

The eight-episode series, created by Moshe Zonder, is already fully filmed, is distributed by Cineflix Rights and will come to Apple TV + in the near future – still no date announced, however.


Finally, the Cartoon Brew brought the news that Apple signed a contract with the studio Cartoon Saloon to exclusively debut his new animated feature entitled “Wolfwalkers”. This will therefore be the service’s first animated film.

In development for more than three years, the film is set in medieval Ireland and tells the story of two girls who turn into wolves and have to deal with skeptical citizens in the village of Kilkenny. In 2017, Cartoon Saloon released a conceptual trailer for the film, explaining some of its ideas:

“Wolfwalkers” will be released on Apple TV + until the end of the year, still without a date announced. It sounds interesting, huh?