Kerry Ehrin

Apple TV + extends major showrunner contract and hires BBC executive

Another day, more news from Apple TV + – today, with the extension of the contract of two showrunners important events, a new hire, a tour of the lunar base of “For All Mankind” and… new videos from “Helpsters”, clear. ?

Let’s check it all out?

Kerry Ehrin and Alena Smith

The first news of the day comes from deadline [1, 2]. Apple extended the contract to two of its showrunners most successful so far: Kerry Ehrin, in “The Morning Show”, and Alena Smith, in “Dickinson”.

Kerry Ehrin

Kerry Ehrin

Ehrin, specifically, signed a multi-year exclusive contract – in other words, she will continue to act as creator and executive producer of content only for Apple TV +. It will continue to play the role of showrunner in “The Morning Show”, indicating that Apple has every intention of renewing the series (whose second part is expected to debut this year) for more seasons.

Smith signed a similar contract, having agreed to develop projects exclusively for Apple TV + over the next few years. It will continue to play the role of showrunner and executive producer of “Dickinson” – series that already had its second season confirmed, but has not yet started filming this second part due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Alison Kirkham

Meanwhile, according to the Variety, Apple hired another important name in the audiovisual industry: Alison Kirkham, who spent the last 15 years leading the factual control section of the BBC – or, in other words, leading the development and production of documentaries and other programming segments based on reality.

She supervised hits like “Planet Earth 2” and the wedding coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, for example.

Alison Kirkham

Alison Kirkham

In his new venture, Kirkham will be the new head of unscripted programming in the UK, playing a role similar to his role at the BBC. She will report directly to creative video director in Europe, Jay Hunt.

“For All Mankind”

In a new video to promote its fictional series, the company decided to present us with a tour of the first lunar base of “For All Mankind”. The series’ former astronaut and technical consultant, Garrett Reisman, helps show Jamestown.

To interested parties, all ten episodes of “For All Mankind” are available on the streaming of Apple videos – the second season of the series is already confirmed, inclusive.

Helpsters ”

Finally, Apple released two more videos of “Helpsters” on the Apple TV YouTube channel – or, more specifically, the first two episodes of a series of videos called “Helpsters Help You”, where the characters in the children’s series help children to perform tasks of all kinds or deal with adverse situations.

The first video, “When Plans Change” (“When Plans Change”), deals with the feeling of annoyance and gives ideas of what to do when things don’t go as expected. Check it out:

The second video, “How to Be a Helpster” (“How to Be a Helpster“), Gives tips for the little ones to become more helpful inside the house – always smiling, singing and with a positive attitude, of course:

Very cute, isn’t it? ?