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Apple TV +: Dane DeHaan joins the cast of “Lisey’s Story”; producer accused of harassment defends himself

Another week, another batch of news about the Apple TV + and today we have everything including hiring a new talent and a new featurette.

Let's have a look at what's new, then?

Dane DeHaan

The first news of the day is related to series Lisey’s Story, based on Stephen King's homonymous novel. According to deadline, the actor Dane DeHaan (“Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets”) was hired to play one of the main roles of the production, along with the protagonists. Julianne Moore (“Forever Alice”) and Clive owen (Closer).

DeHaan plays Jim Dooley, a great fan of the work of late writer Scott Landon (Owen) who gets involved in publishing his material not yet released. The story, as we all know, is set in two seasons and follows both Scott and his wife Moore's trajectory, which after her husband's death begins to uncover long-buried secrets.

King act as screenwriter for the series, to be directed by the filmmaker Pablo Larran ("Jackie"). The writer also acts as executive producer with Moore. No recordings or release date yet.

Featurette in Truth Be Told

Meanwhile, Apple released the first featurette in Truth Be Told, mystery series starring Octavia spencer (“Cross Stories”) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). Video intertwines production scenes with crew and cast statements; check it out:

Truth Be Told to debut on Apple TV + on the 6th next.

Co-producer of “The Banker” defend yourself

Finally, another chapter of the film's politics “The Banker”, which had its debut postponed indefinitely by Apple after serious charges directed at the co-producer (and the son of one of the film's main characters) Bernard Garrett Jr.

Bernard Garrett Sr. (Anthony Mackie character) Right

To deadlineGarrett Jr. pleaded not guilty to the accusations made by two of his sisters that he had sexually harassed them when they were children and he was 15 years old. The co-producer also stated that his father Bernard Garrett Sr. (played in the film by Anthony Mackie), gave him the rights to adapt his story, not his sister Cynthia.

Garrett Jr.'s testimonial can be read below in full:

My half sisters Cynthia and Sheila accused me of molesting them in the early 1970s, when I was a teenager of about 15 years. It just never happened. Score. What happened was that I told my father when I found out that their mother, Linda, was cheating on him, and they always blamed me for their breakup. What happened was that Cynthia asked my father twice to give her the rights to make a movie about his life story, and twice he denied it, preferring instead to give those rights to me and a friend of mine. These accusations against me are deeply humiliating and frustrating because I can never prove how false they are. I just hope people keep their minds open, and as much as I forgive my sisters and wish them no harm, I hope people are aware of who Cynthia is and why she makes these accusations now before taking the her words as absolute truth. As for me, the best I can do is remove my name from the movie and leave the scene so as not to tarnish my father's legacy, since honoring his legacy and what he stood for was what I always wanted to do.

Apple has not commented after Garrett Jr.'s statement, and it is not known whether the removal of his name from the film's credits will change anything in Ma's decision to postpone the movie's premiere. We, of course, will be aware.

via MacRumors