Apple TV + comedy series renewed for season 2 even before premiere

Rob McElhenney

We talked here recently about «Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet», the first comedy series Apple TV + (whereas «Dickinson» is a dramatic comedy, at least) that will arrive at the Apple platform on the day 7/2. For it seems that Apple is very confident in production: according to the Slanted, the series has already been renewed for a second season.

For those who are not following, «Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet» is a creation of Rob McElhenney (seen above) and Charlie Day (both from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) that will accompany a video game studio responsible for creating and maintaining an extremely popular game.

McElhenney stars as the studio’s creative director, and the cast still has F. Murray Abraham (Oscar winner for “Amadeus”), Danny Pudi, Imani Hakim, Charlotte Nicdao, David Hornsby, Ashly Burch and Jessie Ennis. The first season of the series will feature 9 episodes of 30 minutes each – and, unlike other Apple TV + productions, it will be available entirely at once on 2/2.

Renewing series for subsequent seasons before the premiere seems, so far, to be the norm in Cupertino. «Dickinson», «For All Mankind», «The Morning Show», «Servant» and «Little America» they all had a second season guaranteed before the arrival of the first. Of course, Apple TV + is still in its infancy and this production model is expected to change in the coming years, but the attitude shows that Apple is confident in its first original productions.

New videos

While the 2020 news for Apple TV + does not arrive, Apple continues to feed its Apple TV channel on YouTube with additional interesting content related to existing series. Recently, four videos of this type were added – two referring to the children’s series «Helpsters», and two others referring to «Dickinson».

Check it out:

Matt Berninger – The Long Words Song

The Helpsters and Matt Berninger sing a short song about long words.

Jason Mraz – In The Elevator

Elevator music gets a make-up, thanks to Helpsters and Jason Mraz.

Dickinson – Thoreau’s Cabin

Guest actor John Mulaney talks about his experience playing American naturalist and writer Henry David Thoreau. Half-naked and cruel, Thoreau does not meet Emily’s expectations and utters catchphrases that perfectly capture his unbearable nature.

Dickinson – Past Meets Present

In this poetic interpretation of Emily Dickinson’s life, creator Alena Smith demonstrates that many of the problems Dickinson faced in the 19th century are still valid for women today. The star of «Dickinson»Hailee Steinfeld shares how proud she is to bring such an impactful figure to the screen.

· • ·

So, are you enjoying it?

via AppleInsider