Apple TV channels reach Brazil and more countries with the Smithsonian Plus channel

Apple TV channels reach Brazil and more countries with the Smithsonian Plus channel

At the special Apple event last March, the company introduced the new Apple TV app, in addition to the new feature Apple TV channels (Apple TV channels), which was released with iOS 12.4 only in the United States initially. Since then, the service has been expanded, both domestically (with new channels) and to other countries – and now it’s time for Brazil to receive the novelty.

If you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12.4 or later, you can access the new Apple TV app and, in the “View Apple TV Channels” section, subscribe to the channel Smithsonian Plus, the first to be made available in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Smithsonian Plus channel on Apple TV Channels

Inspired by historical and artistic content, the Smithsonian channel has an extensive catalog of original productions that consist basically of documentaries, including the films “9/11: Audios of the Attack” and “Barack Obama: The Power of the Word”. The channel also offers very popular documentary series, such as “América Vista de Cima” and “Carros Voadores”.

So … it looks like Apple TV channels aired in the Dominican Republic and I suppose other parts of Latin America … any information about what happened ?! @reneritchie @iup_date @macworld @appleinsider @ 9to5mac

Smithsonian channel content is only available to subscribers for R $ 8 / month; however, it is possible to try it for free for seven days.

IFC Films Unlimited arrives in Canada

Available in some regions of the USA since the launch of Apple TV channels, now the IFC Films Unlimited has been expanded to even more places in American territory, including Canada, as reported by deadline.

As a result, users in these countries can subscribe to the channel and watch the full IFC Films schedule on the Apple TV app for $ 6 a month.

In honor of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), a special section of IFC Films highlights the films that were successful at the Canadian film festival. Among the titles are “Above the Clouds”, “After the Wedding”, “Born To Be Blue” and much more.

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