Apple TV Channel Arrives on YouTube to Promote Platform Content

Now that the app Apple tv It is a complete platform for content, but it is only natural for Ma to strengthen his outreach strategies, as well as the films and series on the service. As part of this process, the Cupertino giant tried to air a new YouTube channel aptly named "Apple TV."

Apple TV YouTube Channel

The channel, contrary to what one might expect, is not devoted exclusively to the original content of Apple TV +; instead, it features trailers, clips, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, and other movie and series material available on the Apple TV app and on all related platforms such as HBO, Showtime, and CBS.

We currently have 55 videos available on the channel; among them, an interview with the cast members of "Game of Thrones", future release trailers like “The King Leo”, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and "Joker", short clips from the original series “Carpool Karaoke” It's an Apple TV + preview the same as we saw at the Apple event last month.

It's funny to note that the channel seems to have been created for almost a month, but its existence has only been noticed by the mainstream media recently; that is, there was no disclosure from Apple regarding the news. Perhaps the news is, at the same time, another nail in the coffin of iTunes Movie Trailers that was once the Internet's "hub" for movie release even with an iOS app, but dropped by flies in recent years.

For now, the channel does not have much revelation about the upcoming original Apple TV + movies and series; As these productions take shape, however, Ma is expected to use YouTube to make them more expressive.

via MacStories