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Apple TV: are we facing the future of entertainment for the TV room?

You are from a band, they release a new CD and you just want a track. Who here has never encountered this type of situation:

Not long ago, even if you wanted to have just that desired track, you were forced to buy the entire album. Launches cost a fortune, right?

starting with this example i want to present my opinion on the future of pay TV, and the Fourth generation Apple TV tends to play a leading role in this story. Forget the high surreal value of the products in our country; what we are analyzing here is the potential of a successful business model: apps in the television room.

By making apps available through an App Store, Apple TV finally follows the path that I believe to be the future of pay television: you download the channels you want and subscribe to them making the best match for you. Why is this the future? Because it doesn’t make sense to have plans with 300 channels if you watch only 10 or 20. The operators ’packages are packed with options that neither you nor I will ever watch. So, why pay for it? Because the operators separate those “key” channels, most desired, in different plans, forcing us to acquire the most complete one so that we only have those 10-20 that we really want.

But back to Apple TV, even though some of these channels are already available through apps on the App Store, most of them even in the US require a cable subscription to free access to the program.

Channels on Apple TV

In my opinion, even though the scenario is still “lame”, we are facing a watershed very similar to what was the iTunes Music Store for music. If the model is well applied and it depends on Apple's dealings with content providers, we could see the end of the paid TV subscription model we have today. Some of them got ahead, like HBO, Showtime and Esporte Interativo. With this model, just choose: sports? Journalism? Music? Series and movies? Classics? Whatever you want to be there, within reach of your Apple ID.

That alone is good. But it doesn't stop


Apple's huge advantage over its competitors is the huge developer community. When launching the new Apple TV, dozens of game producers embraced the cause and developed new games or updated the launched games so that they run on the set-top box Mostly casual, which evoke a little gaming experience on a Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Wii and Apple TV controls

One of these examples is Crossy Road, a chicken game that crosses the street which has won some cool news to be played on big TV.

The possibility of pairing a Bluetooth control manufactured by third parties is also something that indices on Apple TVs, leveraging the potential of the accessory market is something that Apple does like no one else.

SteelSeries Nimbus control for Apple TV

But we are still going beyond, because in addition to TV channel apps and games, we still have the arsenal of “common” apps, which we are used to seeing on our Macs, iPads, iPhones and iPods touch.


Check out some examples of experiences provided by the App Store on the new Apple TV:


Watching Periscope videos on Apple TV is really different than what we are used to with the service. At least for now, it is not possible to log into it and the choice of videos is made randomly.


Tangram is an Instagram client for Apple TV. It allows us to view, enjoy and search all the contents of the main social network of photos existing on the market today.

Tangram app on Apple TV

The application is very beautiful and viewing both your photos and those of your friends on the big screen is a really cool experience.


An Airbnb reservation is something that requires some discussion. The experience of viewing the rooms on the TV in your living room / bedroom makes the experience something really interesting.

Airbnb on Apple TV

The app features beautiful and huge photos of the places, as well as allowing the addition of places as favorites. But booking there, at least for now, is not yet possible.

· · ·

Other unusual experiences that the new Apple TV offers include everything from hotel search by TripAdvisor, purchases through the Gilt app, calculator, calendar, a fireplace or a virtual aquarium, the view of the International Space Station, and so on.

The key question is to define the success of Apple TV: will Ma and its partners be able to revolutionize the television model we know today? I would say that, now, the chances are very good.