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Apple TV App Reaches (Some) Sony Smart TVs

Only three days until the launch of the Apple TV +, Ma continues to expand access to the application that is the gateway to its future service. streaming (and for your multimedia experience as a whole).

I refer, of course, to Apple TV app, which was released a few months ago for Samsung Smart TVs, then came to Roku devices, and last week was made available for the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Now one more breakthrough.

According to the 9to5Mac, Apple made the first version of the app available to Recent Sony Smart TVs. There is not yet a definitive list of models that will receive the app, but in principle, all devices that support the AirPlay 2 like the series Z9G, A9G and X950G, all 2019 should be able to enjoy the novelty.

To get the Apple TV app, simply update the firmware your device (if it is compatible, of course); apparently Sony is releasing the update gradually and should cover all users throughout this week. Like the sources heard by 9to5Mac are Brazilian, it is likely that the update is already landing here.

Anyone already enjoying the news? Tell us your experiences below!