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Apple TV +: adaptation of "Bastards" is canceled; Joseph Gordon-Levitt signs new production

O Apple TV + it is about to be launched in more than 100 countries (including Brazil) and, as we have already reported several times, the Cupertino giant's productions have no pause to catch their breath except those that are canceled.

Apple recently halted plans for one of its adaptations, but it also appears to have started another production, which will be written by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as we will see below.

"Bastards" (Nevelot)

At the end of last year, we commented that Apple was about to acquire adaptation rights from an Israeli series called Nevelot (meaning "bastard" in Hebrew). At the time, much was discussed about what kind of content Apple would be developing, given the violence of the original series.

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The show would be starring the actorRichard Gere(A Beautiful Woman) and written byHoward Gordon(Homeland) andWarren leight(Law and Order: SVU). That's right would be. According to a report by the Hollywood Reporter, the series was shut down due to “creative differences between Apple and the producers” which caused the Cupertino giant to suffer financial loss from those

So far, Ma's plan was to reformat the series for the American public, turning Israeli soldiers into Vietnam War veterans, but Apple may still have found the content too violent.

This, however, is not the first Apple TV + series that has been canceled; some time ago the company stopped producing semi-autobiographical drama Vital signswhich would focus on the life and career of the producer and rapper Dr. Dre. As in the case of "Bastards", the production was set aside for "containing scenes of gun violence," in addition to explicit drug use.

“Mr. Corman ”

While one production goes down the drain, another original Ma series is expected to take shape soon, as reported by Variety. According to the publication, Apple gave the green light to the drama called “Mr. Corman ”written and produced by the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

There is not much information about the project yet, but apparently the series follows the life of an elementary school teacher who “fights into adulthood”. It was also not announced whether the actor of "500 Days with Her" starring in the production.

In addition to the famous role alongside actress Zooey Deschanel, the American actor played other very popular roles in the series "A Family from Another World," in addition to the films "The Origin", "50/50" and "Looper: Assassins of the Future" .

via Apple World Today, MacRumors