Apple TV 6 de terá sistema de resfriamento e será melhor que iPad Pro de 2018 [RUMOR]

Apple TV 6 to have cooling system and be better than iPad Pro 2018 [RUMOR]

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  • New rumors indicate Apple is working on the 2020 Apple TV 6 cooling system
  • The device should bring improvements to your processor and improve some hardware functions
  • This can make your final performance better than the 2018 iPad Pro, similar to some MacBooks

New rumors indicate that the 2020 Apple TV 6 will perform better than iPad Pro 2018, with the addition of the processor A12X Bionic. It looks like the apple company is working to bring a tip solution. One expert believes that the new device can outperform last year's iPadthanks to an improved cooling system.

Apparently, the design will remain the same of the current generation. The changes are in the components that the company is adding to the Apple TV. It looks like he will be able to play a role mini Mac, quite efficiently.

The 2020 Apple TV 6 will bring a direct cooling system, which will also improve its performance. This information was disclosed by the profile Jioriku on twitter. He confirmed some of the information that had already been revealed, along with the novelty of the cooling system.

Jioriku wrote "The new Apple TV 6 is coming. A12X Bionic chipset. From what I saw, an absolute power of a machine. So far, the heat has been well managed, as it is tuned to fit on an Apple TV. No crazy new designs. Wait for the same black box that everyone had loved. " He didn't bring any files to prove the information. Which characterizes only as a rumor.


the first time the event is held online, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic

The publication does not mention how the information was acquired. He says he saw the new machine, so he may have contact with the internal team. It looks like Apple is going to bring in new features and different storage options.

expected to perform similarly to 2018 MacBook Pro, since the iPad benchmarks were very close. The new device has not yet appeared in any leak that shows its capacity. Despite this, the information is expected to be revealed soon.

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expected to be released along with the iPhone 12, at an event in September. This is still unofficial and none of the information has been confirmed by Apple.

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