Apple TV 4K's popularity grows even among cheaper options

In September last year, Ma introduced Apple TV 4K, which represented a breakthrough in updating the gadget, which has become compatible with the image quality technology that grows more and more in the taste of consumers.

The popularity not only of technology, but also of devices streaming that reproduce it, according to the most recent study released by the Thinknum, which tracks sales of Best Buy and analyzes the performance of electronic devices in general.

Best Buy 4K device sales

According to data from the firm, Amazon took the lead in the list among the best-selling 4K devices on the shopping site with the Fire TV Stick 4K; Apple TV 4K came right there, in second place.

It is worth noting, however, that Amazon's option is one of the cheapest among the most sold, costing $ 35. The Apple TV 4K (32GB), in turn, costs $ 180 and, despite the high price, the popularity of the gadget Ma's doing very well, thank you. According to Thinknum, the strengths of the device are its ease of use and integration with other Apple products.

It is interesting to notice the increase in sales of Apple TV 4K even among other cheaper options in the last year. THE set-top box of Ma surpassed those of Roku It's from Google (Chromecast), which are sold at Best Buy for $ 40 and $ 70, respectively. The 64GB version of the Apple TV 4K, which is even more expensive, came in fifth on the firm's list.

However, Apple TV has not always been so popular and has struggled to gain adoption among users, largely due to its high price. However, it seems that this story is changing and the tables may move in the future, especially if Ma introduces a cheaper option on the market.

Apple TV 4K

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