Apple TV 4K from the front with Siri Remote at the side

Apple TV 4K is also now available for purchase in Brazil [atualizado]

In our post on the availability date of the Apple Watch Series 3, even earlier today, we noticed that Apple had not yet indicated anything about the arrival of the Apple TV 4K – also duly approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

Well: sales of the newest set-top box of Apple were also released today in Brazil, both models with deadline for sending just one business day.

Apple TV 4K from the front with Siri Remote at the side

The main novelty of this new Apple TV, of course, is support for 4K resolution and also HDR mode. But we talk about more details of it in this article and we will soon have a full review here on the site.

Her prices had been previously disclosed: R $ 1,299 for the model 32GB and R $ 1,399 for the 64GB. In cash, they come out respectively for R $ 1,169.10 and R $ 1,259.10.

The fourth generation Apple TV also continues on sale in a single 32GB model, for R $ 1,099 (or R $ 989,10 in cash).

tip from Miguel Dornaes

Update Oct 27, 2017 at 14:55

As with the stocks of iPhone X out there, those of Apple TV 4K here in Brazil also evaporated quickly.

The 32GB model is now expected to 3-4 weeks, while the 64GB has jumped to incredible 6-7 weeks.

tip from Lucas Gharib