Apple TV 4K has a Lightning connector hidden inside the Ethernet port!

See: after two years, it was discovered that the Apple TV 4K yes there is one Lightning connector! When looking at the set-top box, you don’t see it, but it is there. Still, it is worth noting that, for “ordinary” users, it has no use – in fact it is not useful even for hackers, who could use it to access the product’s firmware.

The discovery was made by developer Kevin Bradley, better known as @nitoTV on Twitter, who verified the existence of the Lightning connector pattern on one of the Apple TV units. Then the speculation was confirmed by @littlesteve, who said he had already been looking for it.

I think now that the cat is out of the hat, the question that people will have is how do you access it externally. Well, I found out for you. ?

As we know, the latest version of Apple TV eliminated some of the ports previously present in previous models, such as Micro-USB and USB-C – in addition to replacing the 10/100 Ethernet port with a Gigabit. However, despite being there, the newly discovered Lightning connector is difficult to connect, as it is “locked” at the back of the Ethernet port.

But what does all this mean? As we said, the possibility could be exploited by hackers to develop a possible jailbreak for Apple TV 4K; however, Bradley warns that this will also be difficult:

Just because we found out it’s a [conector] Lightning, that doesn’t mean much. Just because we found a way to get in [na Apple TV 4K], does not mean that something will DEFINITELY be released due to what we have discovered. The obstacle to enter [na Apple TV 4K] it can be very high.

One of the most understandable explanations for the addition of the Lightning connector to Apple TV 4K is that it can be used by the company for “debugging”, which in technology means a process to find and eliminate defects in an app or hardware, as pointed out by developer Steve Troughton-Smith.

Apple TV 4K has a debugging Lightning connector hidden in the Ethernet port. ?

Apple is a master at hiding ports and connectors in some of its products, precisely because they are designed exclusively for performing diagnostics during repairs and technical support. Now, we see that this is also the case for Apple TV 4K, in a detail that even iFixit missed when it dismantled the set-top boxin 2017.

Living and learning, right?

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