Apple turns the tide and wins the lawsuit in which it was accused of copying the design of the 100c device

In mid-2016, we posted here on the website a legal case for weirdness involving Apple and a Chinese ghost company.

In a very brief way, Ma was prohibited from marketing (in Beijing, location of the process) iPhones 6 and 6 Plus for allegedly infringing Shenzhen Baili's design patents despite having secured an appeal to continue selling the devices until the final decision is passed.

The whole discussion revolved around the supposed similarities of the iPhones 6/6 Plus with the 100c draw your own conclusions:

100C and iphone 6 comparison

As reported by Reuters, Apple and Zoomflight (local reseller) took the dispute to the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, which examined the case last Friday (3/24) and concluded that the Cupertino * no * company infringed any 100c patents .

According to the court, the Beijing Intellectual Property Office did not follow proper procedures to order the ban since there was insufficient evidence to claim that the drawings constituted a violation.

They further claimed that the iPhone 6's features were more than sufficient to make the devices easily distinguishable in the eyes of consumers.

Representatives of the office and Shenzhen Baili have not yet confirmed whether or not to appeal the decision.

In a related note, Apple had also asked the court to invalidate such Shenzhen Baili patents related to the 100c application, which was however denied.

(via MacRumors)