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Apple turns meme after giving unusual tips for using the Apple Card

Apel ternyata meme setelah memberikan tips yang tidak biasa untuk menggunakan Kartu Apple

Apple has released a series of instructions for keeping the Apple Card, released on Wednesday (21), in the United States. The credit card integrated with the iPhone (iOS) is made of titanium and, according to the company, requires special care so that it is not marked or suffers «permanent discoloration». The guidelines, which range from not putting the product in jeans or leather wallets to avoiding Apple Card contact with other credit cards, became a joke among Twitter users.

The company has dedicated an entire support page to explain to users how to clean and store the card. «The titanium Apple Card is laser engraved with the cardholder’s name and the Apple logo. A white finish is achieved through a multilayer coating process that is added to the titanium base material. If your Apple titanium card comes into contact with hard surfaces or materials, it is possible that the coating will be damaged «, warns Apple.

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1 of 1 Apple Card is the American giant’s free credit card – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

Apple Card is the American giant’s free-of-charge credit card – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

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According to the apple company, customers should gently wipe the card with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free microfiber cloth. «Do not use household or window cleaners, compressed air, sprays aerosol, solvents, ammonia or abrasives to clean your titanium Apple Card «, guides the article.

What caught the attention in the text, however, was the recommendation to avoid credit card contact with fabrics like jeans and leather, because these materials can permanently discolor it. Apple also advises not to store the Apple Card in the same wallet as another card, as this could scratch the finish or place it next to potentially abrasive objects, such as keys and coins.

Recommendations become a joke on the Internet

On Twitter, users mocked the excessive care Apple recommends to consumers of the product. «Do not put the Apple card in your wallet. Hang it in a floating glass frame in a location with low lighting, controlled humidity and an average annual temperature of 21 degrees. Do not shoot with a flash, please,» said the user @maccormier, referring to the conservation techniques of rare works in museums.

The card’s sensitivity to common fabrics was also a joke. «Apple will launch ‘Apple Card Clothing’ in 2020. $ 789,» joked @KeepUpWAngel. There were also those who suggested selling sock-type covers to protect the product.

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