Ming-Chi Kuo: “Apple Glass” may be produced later this year

Apple tries to «put order» in the development of AR glasses with internal relocation

Ming-Chi Kuo: “Apple Glass” may be produced later this year

The mythical saga augmented reality glasses Apple is full of ups and downs. At certain times, its development appears to be a palpable reality and an upcoming launch is expected each week by analysts here and there; in others, we live months (or years) of desert, where the very existence of plans of the type in the Apple is questioned.

We don’t know exactly where the device is at the moment in Cupertino, but Apple seems to have taken the decision to shake things up a bit: according to The Information, the company’s top management made an internal relocation to “put order” in the development of the headset and finally try to extract something from that initiative.

The key to change is Kim Vorrath, who has been with Apple for many years and, until recently, responded directly to Craig Federighi, being responsible for overseeing software development and bug fixing. Now, Vorrath is responsible for overseeing the development of the Apple AR device, with Mike Rockwell as the company’s vice president of AR / VR as its chief.

Vorrath is admittedly a «temperamental» figure, in the same vein as Steve Jobs, and a hope for making the procedures go with the glasses development team (or whatever the device will be). Nobody knows how things are going there, but the movement is a sign that Apple remains interested in the segment and may be looking for a way to get into the game – sooner than ever, after all.

Nat Brown

In the meantime, a recent hire may or may not be related to the efforts described above. Who arrived in Cupertino recently was the engineer Nat Brown, known for being one of the co-creators of Xbox at his time at Microsoft and who, until recently, was working on Valve’s virtual reality team.

Brown himself celebrated the news on Twitter:

I’m excited to continue working on my obsessions by focusing on all graphics applications and working with all of you who use graphics on Apple platforms. ?

It is not known exactly in which area Brown will work at Apple: considering his extensive experience with virtual reality devices, it is quite possible that he will join the team now supervised by Vorrath. Still, with the imminent launch of the Apple Arcade, he is more likely to take his extensive gaming experience to the company’s platform.

via MacRumors