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Apple topples jailbreak publications alleging copyright infringement [atualizado: reviravolta]

Many of you may know the maxim: all good is short lived. In the case of the supporters of jailbreak, this “little” yielded at least a few good months of quiet without any outside intervention (read: from Apple). But the bonana of the jailbreakers is now facing a new adversity: the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, More known as DMCA.

The DMCA is an American copyright law created 19 years ago, criminalizing not only infringement but also the “production and distribution of technology that will prevent copyright protection measures”. The fact that Apple is using this measure to topple publications and disclosures of jailbreak, as reported by VICE.

It all started last Sunday (8/12), when the security researcher Follow made a Twitter post containing what appeared to be an encryption key that can be used to reverse engineer the Secure Enclave, iPhone component that handles Touch ID and Face ID data storage, for example.

Two days later, a US law firm requested that the publication be removed from Twitter, alleging copyright infringement. The company agreed and the post was unavailable until yesterday when it reappeared. In a new publication, Siguza said the DMCA claim was "withdrawn."

Apple has confirmed VICE who sent the original DMCA removal request, but the reason for backtracking is still unknown. This, however, was not an isolated case: in recent days, the Reddit has received several requests to delete posts from r / jailbreak, a popular sub-forum where iPhone security researchers and hackers discuss techniques for jailbreak; This, of course, also reverberated.

Wow, even # checkra1n's post on Reddit has been removed. 🤯I assume this is an unfortunate mistake and will be fixed soon. I see no reason for Apple to intentionally do this now. “Sorry, this post has been removed by the Reddit Legal Operations team.” Reddit/r/jailbreak/co

Users see these Apple actions as an attempt to crack down on the community of jailbreak But this would not be the first time this has happened, for obvious reasons. The hacker Pwn20wnd, which had Reddit posts knocked down, said Apple “lost the battle of jailbreak”After tool discovery“checkm8 ″:

They completely lost control of the battle. jailbreak) on iPhone X and older models. So they are trying to start a cool fight and waste our time, so money / resources.

Some developers even questioned whether posting an encryption key or posts linked to these tools are subject to copyright infringement, based on guidelines from Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF), an NGO that aims to “protect freedom of expression rights in the context of the digital age”.

Well, now @Apple has started abusing DMCA copyright statements to nullify things they don't like and aren't copied. Your phone's SEP encryption key cannot be copied by copyright; It seems like a case for @EFF to start trying to provide some assistance.

It's hard to say at this point whether Apple is really willing to buy this fight, since some publications about jailbreak that had been knocked down are emerging again, without any kind of legal action being moved. Nonetheless, tool sites like checkra1n and unc0ver are still p-free so (for now).

tip of Anderson Silva

Update by Rafael Fischmann 12/12/2019 s 16:49

In a major twist of the case, it turned out that the DMCA-based request for posts it was fake. Someone, still unidentified, tried to impersonate Apple.

After ascertaining the case, the posts then aired again.

Whoever is behind it now obviously runs the risk of being criminally liable for ideological falsehood.

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