Apple tool shows how the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR would look on your desk

Apple tool shows how the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR would look on your desk

The new Mac Pro, when released, will sell for prices starting at $ 6,000.

The beautiful Pro XDR Display, in turn, will start from $ 5,000 in its cheapest version – not to mention its support, called the Pro Stand, which will cost $ 1,000 alone.

That is, we are talking about at least $ 12k to have the complete pair in your home – which, at Apple’s conversion rate, certainly means that the investment here will be greater than the money you would get from selling all of your possible organs without losing vital functions.

To fulfill the dreams of Applemaniacs mortals, like you and me, Apple thought of an ingenious but slightly less expensive solution.

Just go to the new Mac Pro or Pro Display XDR page on your iPhone or iPad and look for the “View in Augmented Reality” option, displayed at the top of the screen.

Ready: thanks to the magic of ARKit, there will be the beautiful and expensive pair, ready to be digitally arranged on any surface of your home and satisfy, even in a fleeting moment of delirium, your sweet fantasies.

In addition to lysergic purposes, Apple’s tool is cool to get an idea of ​​the size of the new Mac Pro.

A Twitter user, for example, placed the fake machine next to a Power Mac G5 (which, on the outside, is identical to the old Mac Pro “cheese grater” that we all know).

Contrary to what one might think, the new computer is slightly smaller than its ancestor – which is hardly surprising, since modularity comes at a cost.

If the augmented reality preview is accurate, here it is [o novo Mac Pro] next to the case of a Power Mac G5.

It would be nice if this virtual machine really worked, wouldn’t it? ?

via 9to5Mac