Apple to reveal 18th deals to market iPhone in Europe

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As has been the case with all the news around Apple and the iPhone, the scheduling of a press conference in London for next Tuesday – with a «secret» agenda – is fueling huge speculation about the possibility that they will be revealed. at the time the exclusive telephone marketing agreements in Europe.

The invitations sent to journalists contain the phrase «mum is no longer the word», which literally translates to «silence is no longer the word» but which refers to an expression in the English language of secrecy «mum is the word», a way of asking to keep silent about any topic.

Journalists did not remain silent about the call, which further promotes information on the subject, which already generates large hundreds of news in various media.

Analysts cited by some agencies say that the exclusivity of the iPhone marketing in Europe can be attributed to the British O2, the German T-Mobile and the French Orange. TMN said earlier this week that it was also interested in exclusivity for Portugal, but that negotiations were still ongoing.

Neither Apple nor the operators have yet confirmed any of this information.

It is recalled that in the United States Apple guaranteed to AT&T the exclusivity of the marketing of the smartphone, which is barred to other networks, but which has already been cracked by several hackers who even sell programs to unlock the iPhone. The company has already exceeded the million iPhones sold in the meantime and expects to reach 10 million by the end of 2008.

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