Apple to Release Siri SDK and Works on Speaker Dedicated to Assistant, Website Says

Do you know all those criticisms Crab, saying that the assistant basically stopped in time and let herself be overtaken by much more capable competitors? Apple is more than aware of this, and as far as it reports the The information (exclusive subscriber line) will end all this stigma in less than three weeks WWDC 2016.


The report obtained information from sources close to the subject, which guarantee: in the next event of the Apple, a SDK for Siri, allowing developers to create their own interactions with the wizard and significantly expand its functionality, which is already happening to two of its most popular competitors: Microsoft's Cortana and Amazon's Alexa.

According to the sources, it was years of discussion in Cupertino to decide how best to open Siri to the developer community, and they finally came to an agreement, which will be witnessed by the world as early as June 13.

And not only that! In a very interesting revelation, the report states that Apple will take a step further and launch a speaker at WWDC. Siri-centric, along the lines of Amazon Echo and the newly announced Google Home. Sources report that Ma would have been working on this new product since before the Echo presentation in mid-2015, and would be a device that is fully connected with Apple's existing services, integrating not only with Siri, but also with HomeKit. and AirPlay, for example.

That is, we are talking about a product that would be a kind of command center of the modern house, taking orders for Siri from anywhere and activating / requesting / registering anything even more than usual, considering the aforementioned opening of the assistant. . If I look excited about the possibilities, because I really am.

(via 9to5Mac)